Friday Devstream Teased Gardening Update

September 29, 2018 by Etaew 1,203 2

The devs showed off some assets today on their live stream. Of course, we've captured them for you!


The following images and text have been captured from the dev stream for your reading pleasure.

Ally Homes

You plant and nurture these and when they are fully grown they will occasionally attract new allies!

Glowing Plant Selection (Bioluminescent)

Because glowing stuff is cool.

Biome specific plants

There were a lot of biomes without plants to grow. Seems like this update adds those plants.


Some look familiar because they exist as decorative items, but now you can grow them. Now we can finally recreate the hub completely in our clubs.


Will grow into a crafting material, they have different stages. Nurture them and replant to increase yields.

Tome Plants

These function like tomes, every 3rd day you water them they will give resources. Some are common, some are rare. Missing a day does not kill the flowers but it will just give you the rewards one day later.


They will facilitate your farming needs!

They also mentioned decorations, styles, and other mounts.


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