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Stachefest - Results

September 11, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in Stachefest this year, I appreciate the effort you guys have put in. Here are the results.

HighlightsTop ^


I really appreciate the art quality of this entry, especially as it captures the different aspects of my character, weirdo human, little gunslinger, little cat and sage.

I love that you focused on the card aspect of the contest, my cute little characters and a cute little postal qubesly :)

I really appreciate the effort you went with for crafting this card, making a real card from your character is amazing. I love how the cut out looks, and the secret kiwi at the back :)

Special MentionTop ^

For those who don't know, this references the Gamescom trip where I met Ylva and Evil, and was more excited about going to the zoo :) weeee.

I love this gruesome scene, so excited for the cake didn't realise sage was inside, hehe.

Thank you for the personal message <3 and yay Kiwi is bringing me a candle :)


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