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Quest Chain - Absolute D'hevistation - August 28, 2018 - September 11, 2018

August 28, 2018 by Evilagician

Help the D'hevs and take care of their allies while they are busy doing the awesome for us! Tuesday, August 28, 2018 to Monday, September 11, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. 

#1/8 Collect Cupcakes (5)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 1/8: Greetings, Trovian! I'm Saratheon the Darkmoon. Would you like a cookie? I baked them myself! Wait, I'm getting distracted. The D'hev! Yes, the D'hev are our caretakers but lately they've been too busy to take care of their allies - namely me and all my friends. Can you help us? We have some nice gifts to give you in return.

Saratheon the Darkmoon needs cupcakes for a picnic with Tiny Tea Rex. Cupcakes can be found in Candoria Adventure worlds as drops or growing out of the terrain. Items acquired via a Trading Post or the Marketplace will not count.

Reward: Bound Brilliance 5

#2/8 Collect Enchanted Wood (5)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 2/8: Hey, Saratheon says you're helping us out. Thank the Builder because I am STARVING. We spacebugs will eat pretty much anything, but my favorite thing is Enchanted Wood. Mmm, it's magically crunchy.

Skittering Spacebug wants you to bring him some Enchanted Wood, which can be found growing in Medieval Highlands, Cursed Vale, and Fae Forest biomes. Items acquired via a Trading Post or the Marketplace will not count.

Reward: Dragon Coin 20

#3/8 Kill Bees and Fireflies (20)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 3/8: I'm trying to enjoy my picnic with Saratheon but there are just so many bugs - specifically bees and fireflies - everywhere I look. It's too distracting. I just can't enjoy myself!

Tiny Tea Rex is too stressed out by bees and fireflies to enjoy her picnic with Saratheon. The flying pests can be found in Medieval Highlands biomes.

Reward: Despoiled Divinity 1

#4/8 Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Treasure Isles or Lost Isles (10)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 4/8: A picnic? At a time like this? I've got bigger fish to worry about - mostly because I'm a smaller fish. Those pirates in Treasure Isles almost caught me in one of their nets last week.

Magical Mudskipper doesn't feel safe in his home of Treasure Isles, and Lost Isles isn't much better. Defeat dungeon bosses in either biome to make him feel safer.

Reward: Bound Brilliance 5

#5/8 Collect Golden Seashells (10)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 5/8: I don't know why Mr. Mudskipper is so stressed out. The water here has been great for me recently! I've collected a lot of shiny rocks, and I'm ready to feast on some Golden Shell Scallops. Uh, you wouldn't happen to have any lying around, would you?

Euler the Otter needs his dinner (not to be confused with Dinner Otter). Golden Seashells are dropped from creatures, dungeons, and bouys in Treasure Isles. Items acquired via a Trading Post or the Marketplace will not count.

Reward: Lustrous Gem Box 3

#6/8 Mine Crystalized Cloud (200)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 6/8: Oh, uh, hi there. I don't want to impose, but I saw you helping my friends and I thought... Uh… Could you help me decorate my new shell? The prettiest ore come from high up in Cursed Skylands and my little legs can't carry me that far.

Antisocial Hermit Crab needs your help to be shiny! Travel to a Cursed Skylands world and mine some Crystalized Cloud. Items acquired via a Trading Post or the Marketplace will not count.

Reward: Lunar Soul 1

#7/8 Kill Robotic Spiders (3)Top ^

Absolute D'hevistation 7/8: Bzzz. Bzzz. AH! Oh sorry, I didn't see you there. I can't find Twixler and I can't get back to my hideout in Neon City by myself. Those Robotic Spiders think I''m food because I buzz and fly around like an Amperium Drone! How rude.

Twilight Toaster needs to get home but she's being pursued by Robotic Spiders who want to eat her! Robotic Spiders can be found in Neon City biomes.

Reward: Metamatter 5

#8/8 Kill a Dark Fae QueenTop ^

Absolute D'hevistation 8/8: Ahhh, hello there, Trovian. Do not be alarmed by my appearance. You've done well by my comrades and I'm wondering if you can help with one final task. I consider myself an accomplished hunter of Shadows and their ilk, but one has alluded me of late - the Dark Fae Queen. She hides like a coward behind the members of her court. If you will assist me in dispatching her, I have a very special prize for you.

Atomic Wraith has asked you to help him dispatch a Dark Fae Queen who has formed an alliance with the Shadows. They can be found as Lair bosses in the Fae Forest biome.

Reward: The Dev Dream 1

Daily login rewardsTop ^


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