ExoDave Results

August 13, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our ExoDave contest, we've had the results in and are ready to present them for you.

HighightsTop ^

Well well, Not only does this work show my moding side like others but it does so in such an artistic fashion! Hand colored also give the work an extra personal touch, each aspect of this work was surely time consuming) This work is great. Am humbled that Delicious took the time to make this.


(This work express my moding side while also being very expressive) This and 3rd place are very close, However I found I like the illustration of this more.

This work really sums up my moding side

(This is my 4th place pick this work, This really appeals to my interest in tech and mech my avatar is looking pretty cool) If this work also appeal to my moding side it would be ranked higher


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