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Trove Console and Extended PC Downtime Compensation

Hey folks. We know everyone has questions and concerns regarding the recent extended downtime for the PC. We're very happy to have Trove back online and our Customer Support team continues the work of cleaning up the damage done by a handful of players with bad intentions.

Now it's time to get word out on how we plan to make up for these lost hours of play.

Get information about the downtime and compensation directly from Trove Senior Producer, Kytsu, by checking out this replay of our livestream from August 10:

We have made our final decisions on the matter, and we will not conduct a rollback, because it is not in the best interests of the player-base at large. Please do not continue to ask for rollbacks, we will treat those as spam posts from this point forward. It is time to move on.

Although the issue primarily affected PC players, we did bring consoles offline with minimal notice to roll out a patch to prevent use of the same exploit that ruined play on the PC. We're offering the following items for all affected console players.

  • 1 Lustrous Gem Box
  • 1 Adventure Reliquary
  • 1 Emp Gem Box

Since the PC version of Trove was affected directly by the exploit and had to remain offline for over 24 hours, we've put together a gift to thank you for standing by us while we worked to get things up and running again. We take this sort of thing very seriously, and appreciate your patience.

  • 3 Lustrous Gem Boxes
  • 1 3 Day Patron Pass
  • 3 50% Adventurine Potions
  • 1 Adventure Reliquary
  • 1 Golden Dragon Effigy that will unlock a random legendary dragon you don't already own. Yup...a free dragon!

To be eligible for these rewards you just need to have logged in between the time we came back online after the patch on August 7 through 10:00 PM PDT on August 8. If you're in the EU this will be 5:00 AM UTC on August 9.

We're leaving the original post regarding these issues visible for a little while so players can read through it for context, but we won't be providing specific details on the exact nature of the exploit for security reasons, even though this issue has been patched out.

Thanks to all of you for playing Trove and sticking with us as we worked to make the best of a bad situation.

We really appreciate all of you!


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