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Thanks for taking part in our Desert Frontier biome art contest, the judges this month are MochaMint and Ylva. Making a debut (or return?) this month is extra community rewards for the top voted art (not selected by judges), comments by SkyTheVirus.


Reminds me of desert grinds :3 Cute little cacti just killed me <3

I couldn't notice at the first glance, but detail is so nice! I don't usually love arts with no colour, but I don't lie, this artwork is amazing! Keep up the good work! <3


Very interesting approach, loving the way artist used matching dungeon and costume to enforce the theme. Magical sands of time and a sunset, beautiful!

Its just so pleasant to see blocky trove reality turned into smooth lively models. Cornerstone plot, trove font and adorable cacti make the render very attractive and trove-real <3

Community Voted

The concept of costumes based on enemies is great and makes sense for the biome theme.

Amazing use of textured color and line to make a magnificent stained glass effect. Very unified.


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