Trovesaurus Development Diary - May 2018

June 1, 2018 by Etaew 782 1

A round up of Trovesaurus site development for the month of May 2018. Changes are a little light this month as we prepare for Trove - Geode functionality.

Featured CreationsTop ^

A portion of the sites ad revenue is funded back into the community through commissions and creations.

This month we created the Wee Weepie Winkie plushie. We have the next few months planned out, but won't spoil them until they are ready!!!

ChangesTop ^


  • Adjusted the appearance of the themes pages.
  • The theme summary pages will now highlight classes without a costume for that theme

Other Changes

  • Fixed an instance where streamers couldn't use the Code Vault
  • Adjusted the appearance of the recipes
  • Fixed some circumstances where the activity feed told us someone did something
  • Increased the minimum dimensions for a gallery upload from 200x200 to 400x400.
  • Activity feed will now respect the publish status of mods
  • Fixed an issue where some editors could not edit things
  • Hid the drafts count in on the profile page
  • mp4s can now be used as a collection pages feature image
  • Artists feedback page will now display art that you have provided feedback for, below the list of art that is awaiting feedback
  • You can now view whether we have a QBCL file to download via the Rigs page
  • Added new emojis to the Discord server!!!!


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