Spelunking 101 – Geode Sneak Peek

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Trove – Geode is a seismic shift in gameplay that gives you new ways to experience our voxelated multiverse. Your mission on this long-hidden world is to gather up resources, upgrade advanced Geodian tech, and prepare for the inevitable battle ahead.

The forces of shadow have overwhelmed the peaceful Geodians who now find themselves hidden away in their last refuge on Geode. With the spread of evil across the surface of the world it’s time to dig deep, literally.

A major element of Geode at launch will be cave exploration. This is a very different world with its own rules to follow and a harsh environment that Trovians have trouble enduring. The denizens of Geode provide their visitors with the tools to survive the harsh elements – modules.

These are uniquely Geodian items with specialized abilities that help you survive in the incredible underground pressure of the caves. As you explore and gather resources you’ll be able to upgrade your modules to make yourself more powerful than ever.

These upgrades are vital to surviving the deepest caverns on Geode and reaping the most powerful resources we’ve ever seen.

  • Geodian Acclimation System (GAS) – Allows Trovians to survive in the caves of Geode as they explore this newly discovered world. Can be upgraded to enable exploring the deepest caves in pursuit of the greatest rewards.
  • N-Charge – An upgradable battery pack that powers Geodian tech.
  • Omni-Tool – A powerful area of effect (AoE) tool that can be used to mine resources on Geode. Aim the omni-tool at the corners of resources to mine multiple blocks simultaneously.
  • Climbing Claw – A grappling hook used to traverse hard to reach areas of Geodian caves.
  • Rocket Boots – Jetpacks for your feet! Allows you to fly around the caves and gather hard to reach resources.
  • Barrier Generator blocks incoming projectiles from turrets, as well as buffing your movement speed
  • Thumper reveals hidden ore and crystals
  • Pathpainter – Place blocks that increase movement speed and jump for you and other players that walk over them. Great for teamwork and helpful to mark areas of caves already explored!

Geode is home to a vast array of life forms that are new to Troviankind. Discover them on your travels and raise them to be your trusted allies in the fight against the forces of shadow.

As you travel the caves of Geode collecting resources you’ll also run into adorable little critters that may need your help. If you’re approached by a hungry creature you’ll want to feed it, if the critter is cold you’ll warm it up by providing it with a blanket, and if it’s sick you’ll want to take the time to heal it.

If you happen upon a critter that is already in a good mood you may want to take some time to play with it to unlock rewards. How does one play with a happy critter you ask? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Keep an eye out for future blogs as we do a deeper dive into the all-new systems coming with Trove – Geode!

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