Bomber Royale Mode Sets its Sights on Trove


May 10, 2018 by Etaew 1,292 1

An exciting twist on battle royale gameplay, Bomber Royale is coming to Trove!

Trion Worlds is thrilled to reveal an exciting new mode coming to Trove, Bomber Royale! Trove Bomber Royale brings a new spin on the game’s competitive combat, allowing for throwdowns of up to 20 people in an exciting and chaotic new twist on battle royale gameplay, whipping bombs at each other, collecting power-ups, and wrecking the terrain until only one Trovian is left standing!

In Trove Bomber Royale, the gameplay is fast and frenetic, where players are placed onto one of three different maps together, and must throw bombs at each other in order to be the sole survivor of the skirmish. There are several different bomb types at your disposal, including bouncing bombs, sticky bombs, and more. Players can also utilize a variety of moves and power-ups, including a grappling hook to zip away from (or towards) danger and healing-based items.

The edges of the playfield will slowly disintegrate as the round progresses, stripping away the terrain and forcing players to get up close and personal with their foes in the battle arena. If that weren’t enough, Trove Bomber Royale also features destructible terrain as you can use your bombs to alter the landscape, adding another frantic twist to the gameplay!

The top players in each match will earn a special seasonal currency that they can then spend on season boxes, season-specific auras, and other cool items from merchants. Loot tables are refreshed often, and any experience that you gain for your character in the Bomber Royale mode will carry over to your adventures in Trove!

Bomber Royale hits Trove this summer. More details on Bomber Royale as well as the rest of Trove’s major summer update will be made available soon. For more information on Trove, please visit, and for more information on Trion Worlds and its games, please visit


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