Darknik Dreadnought MK II

May 6, 2018 by Mr_Cj_Joe

Hey Trovians, I'm back today with a new article on the shadow titan, the Darknik Dreadnought. I will as usual, describe the attacks, and how best to avoid them, and the best classes to fight him with.

Darnik Dreadnought has a wide variety of atttacks, unlike some of the other shadow titans.

  1. Eye laser, he basically shoots a laser out of his robotic eye which deals insane damage, if you are the uber required for him, this attack will drain one flask every hit.
  2. Magic Damage Shield, he projects a purple orb around himself and it makes him immune to magic damage for a brief period.
  3. Physical Damage Shield, a weird looking yellow hazard marker goes around him and it makes him immune to physical damage for a brief period.
  4. Gattling gun, he whips out a gattling gun from under his body and shoots a stream of projectiles, this will also probably use up a flask.
  5. Anti-tank blade, takes a blade and shoots it almost directly below him, tanks you have been warned!
  6. Shotgun, launches a shotgun shot in front of him.
  7. Fire launcher, basically he shoots what look like small circles into the air, and when they hit the arena, they make walls of fire that deal insane damage if you sit in them.
  8. His last and final attack, the nuke, the ground turns red and he launchs a giant nuke out of his top and it is a insta-kill, even a death defying flask will not protect you from it.
  9. Leg Stomp, he basically stomps his foot on the ground, similar to that of the Spike Walker
  10. Laser Spray, the Dreadnought sprays a laser from his eye, it deals high damage and sets the ground on fire
  11. Power Jump, the Dreadnought jumps into the air and lands in the center of the arena, and deals high damage for those underneath it.

T.H.E Nuke

Now here are the ways that I would recommend using for when you fight him. The laser eye is the one attack you want to dodge the most, I have a Uber 7 Boomeranger, and if it hits it deals about a tenth of my health per laser. The way to dodge it is to keep moving around, so if you are moving left lets say, and he fires the laser, quickly change direction and go right. The other way that I try to do more is by standing underneath the Dreadnought, this may take the risk of the laser down a bit, just make sure you go crazy under him, however this manuever has a downfall to it. You get into an even greater risk of getting his by his gattling or power stomp. The gattling gun and laser spray are the most easy to dodge, you just shouldn't get infront of him when he does it. He power jump is not that hard to dodge, just when you see him in the air, make sure you are not in the center of the arena. The shields don't deal any damage so I won't dwell on those. His leg stomp just hurts if you are near him when he does it, not anything bad like the laser, but it probably deals around 40 to 50% damage head on. The fire launcher is just annoying to dodge since the fire gets all over the arena, all I can say is stay closer to the middle, usually the fire goes towards the edges of the map. The one problem with doing this is that it wil take you longer to go to the corner when he launches his nuke. When he launchs the nuke, just go to the corners of the room to dodge it, or go under the Dreadnought, somehow one time when I was very close to the Dreadnought I survived the nuke. I have no idea if it was a glitch or what, so try this at your own risk!! The dreadnought has a pattern at the start for the first 1/4 to 1/2 of health, he will activate a shield and right before he comes out of it he will probably surprise you once or twice with a laser, so be prepared to dodge or he may use a gattling gun or blade instead. He usually repeats this pattern over and till about the fire stage.

  1. Gunslinger, the damage output combined with the ability to not take damage makes this one of the best classes in the game to do this shadow tower, the two attacks that you have to dodge are his nuke and his laser eye.
  2. Shadow Hunter, the extreme damage output with the class gem is insane with him, however you you will have to deal with all of his attacks.
  3. Candy Barbarian, he is super good if you build him to be a tank, and if you don't have his class gem you can bounce around the room and not take damage
  4. Dracolyte, again, if you build this class to be a tank, ( not a glass canon like the Neon Ninja ) you could deal considerable damage.
  5. Ice Sage, you would be spamming your left click ( or basic attack for ps4 and xbox users ) a bunch, and you could slow down the Darknik Dreadnought considerably.

I highly recommend this tower being done as a group, unless you are in like U8 with full rad or steller gear. In my opinion you should do this tower, with a support class ( Boomeranger, or Chloromancer), a ranged class or two ( the Gunslinger, or Shadow Hunter ), and two tank classes like the Candy Barb or the Revenent.


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