Shadow Tower: Shadow Hydrakken

April 13, 2018 by Mr_Cj_Joe

Hello again Trovians, this next guide in the Shadow Tower Series is on the Shadow Hydrakken. As I did with the Pinata god, I will first explain its attacks, how to avoid them and the best classes suited for this tower.


  1. Acid, the Hydraken spits acid out and covers a chunk of the ground with it ( very annoying )
  2. He summons little one headed versions of himself to attack you
  3. He stomps on the ground and that deal damage
  4. I'm pretty sure his heads attack you, however they are pretty easy to dodge
  5. His last stage attack is a cyclone like thing that sucks you inward to him

This boss unlike Pinata, has hard attacks dodge. He spits acid on the floor and it has the same properties of water and lava. He spawns little minions to fight for him, and he attacks you with either his heads, or he roars and deals damage.

The acid is the number one attack you should try very hard to dodge, it deals the most damage. His little heads should be dealt with eventually, since after a while there are around five or six attacking you. If you stay far enough away, you can dodge the most of his heads, and the stomps. His final attack isn't to bad, however it can be annoying, it works similar to the Revelent's ultimate. The one problem with this attack is that it holds you in place for a bit, and his minions can attack you, so make sure you try to dodge that.

The classes I recommend for this tower are the following:

1. Shadow Hunter, you can deal serious damage to it from far away, and you can use the Sun Snares to trap the little minions.

2. Neon Ninja, the main reason this class was chosen was because he is very fast, and quick with his attacks. He can dodge the acid, and just get up close and personal with Hydra. The one downfall to this is you will be much more close to him and more exposed to his head attacks.

3. I should have put him as number one, the Gunslinger. The Gunslingers ability to stay in the air is really effective, considering the Hydrakken has no ranged attacks that harm you.

4. Chloromancer, you can just set plants right underneath Hydra and considering his doesn't move, you could deal consistant damage. The one problem again would probably be the acid, unless the Chloromancer is a fast class ( which I doubt unless you put a bunch of movement speed on it )

5. Pirate Captain, you can use the cannons to attack the Hydrakken, and use the decoys on the minions. The one problem is that this class is not fast at all like the Neon Ninja.

If you are the level of the Shadow Hydrakken, do not solo it, take it on with a group. From my Shadow Tower career ( not really a career ), I highly recommend not taking on a ST that is your Uber level.



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