Certain Chaos Chest Loot is Retiring

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April 10, 2018 by Trove Blog 1,206 4

We’re doing some spring cleaning of Chaos Chest loot and sending some rare items back into the Trove Vault. These items may pop up again in other places down the road but they’re being removed from Chaos Chest loot tables at some point before May 2018:

  • Benevolent Bovine
  • Echo Wave Cycle
  • Hexflame Harrier
  • Digital Dragonfly Wings
  • Silver Tabby Meownt
  • Hydrojet Streamers
  • BL-0550-M Off-Road Custom
  • Toasty Coaster
  • Cobalt Carp
  • Brownie Boosters
  • Cyclone Skimmer
  • Verses of Violence
  • Whacky Waffle
  • Proto Platypus
  • Batty Batoid
  • Infini Frigate
  • Siramis, Spring’s Renewal
  • Cinnabar Squad Quad
  • Rocket Ship
  • Rolling Salvo

In the future, we’ll continue to add new items to the Chaos Chest and retire older ones, so keep your eye out for announcements when items head to the Vault.

If you haven’t collected any of these items yet you’ll want to pick them up this month before they disappear!

Talk to us about retiring Chaos Chest loot on our forums.


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