Trovesaurus Development Diary - March 2018

April 4, 2018 by Etaew

A roundup of site changes we made over the past month.

Featured image is the Superqubes logo designed by SkyTheVirus.

Featured CreationsTop ^

A portion of the sites ad revenue is funded back into the community through commisions from the artist community. Usually, this takes the form of art, in the past we've done t-shirts to the developers and community members but recently we are creating plushies.

This months major creation is the Superqubes logo and plush design, we also produced some official contest art.

Site ChangesTop ^

This month featured an Etaew holiday so the changes aren't as numerous as other months.

Colour Tool

A tool for modders to import a .qb file and list the colour codes and amounts used.

Check out the Colour Tool.

Art Feedback Tool

Artists can now indicate they are looking for feedback on their work from other artists. When this is set any comments made on the art is flagged as feedback and displayed separately.

This is set on an individual art page.

Server Status Tool

Rewrote the server status tool to more accurately determine when the server is up, it no longer cheats and checks worlds which may or may not be accepting connections. All status information comes from the Glyph client set by the developers themselves.

Status changes are now announced on Discord with any appropriate information.

Email Provider Changed

We changed our email provider to Amazon, this should now more reliably deliver login emails quicker and to addresses that were having issues (Microsoft / AOL etc).

Other Changes

  • Pages linked on the nav bar now use the actual page title, and will automatically link to and display the title of any translated subpages
  • Items with the identifier containing _notrade will automatically be flagged as no trade
  • Fixed an issue where art displayed on the class page wouldn't show previews, art results there are now also ordered by number of likes
  • Added a Trove Updates page, where we can look at historical and current major updates. I will need some time to work through them historically.
  • Fixed an issue where the banner saying the server was down would not appear.
  • Cleaned up parts of the database import process so updates can be posted faster, additional change notes will be generated when designer credit is updated.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting a form on the language mod creation process would result in a full page SUCCESS message
  • If the owner has not set any mod image, it will use the first available image submitted by someone else.
  • Fixed an issue with the Code Vault performing a redirect when a code was marked as used.

SupportTop ^

If you want to support the site, please participate in contests, leave comments on our pages or upgrade to Trovesaurus Gold to hide adverts (also available with Reward Tokens).

Objectives for AprilTop ^

Let me know in the comments if you are looking for anything specific to be changed in the month of April.

Sleepstache by pokemon008


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