Gem is Truly Outrageous. Truly Truly Truly Outrageous. | The Guide to Perfect Gems

March 21, 2018 by See

Gem is Truly Outrageous. Truly Truly Truly Outrageous. | The Guide to Perfect Gems on Trove

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This guide will go over exactly what you need to get perfect gems on Trove. This guide has last been updated at 3/25/2018. If things should change in future patches, I will update this guide as soon as possible.

Gem is Truly Outrageous. Truly Truly Truly Outrageous. | The Guide to Perfect Gems on Trove


If you are here you are probably wondering what makes gems perfect on Trove and how you can get such a setup for yourself. This guide will go through everything you need to know to make sure you get consistent invites to ST and are able to carry your plebeian friends through UM DOTM without breaking a sweat.


1. CoefficientTop ^

"What's the first thing I need to learn?"

CoefficientImage Credit to TheSymbol

In order to understand what perfect gems are and why you should want them, you need to have a basic understanding of coefficient. Coefficient is a numerical value tied to your damage that is a rough indicator of the damage you are capable of dealing. Different classes have different max coefficients and for the purposes of this guide we don't need to delve too deep into it. Just be aware that coefficient roughly equates to the damage you will deal when compared to other people who also play your same class. This number is taken outside of st and without any buffs on. (So that means no popping martial emblems or proccing LL subclass before recording your coeff!)

In order to get the maximum coefficient possible, you are going to need to get perfect gems, with perfect boosts in the right areas and fully augment them.

[ Side note: For seeing your coefficient, I recommend the GUI mod by TheSymbol, ExoDave and StormReaper located HERE. ]

2. Perfect BoostsTop ^

"So what are perfect boosts, and how can I tell if I got them?"

REMINDER: If your level one stellar gem does not begin with three stats, it can never hit maximum power rank. You should NEVER upgrade a gem with only two stats at level one.

Each gem will get a "boost" at levels 5, 10 and 15. These "big boosts" are an essential part of getting perfect gems. Ideally, you are going to want gems at level one that are either MD/CH/CD or PD/CH/CD.

When leveling gems to 15, you are going to want the three "big boosts" you get at 5, 10 and 15, to go into either PD/MD or CD. The key to a perfect gem is not getting ANY boosts into CH on ANY of your gems. So, for example, if you get a gem that starts with MD/CH/CD and two of the boosts go into MD and one into CD, congratulations, you have the base of one perfect gem. Now all you have to do is augment it to max PR and combine it with other gems that are perfect as well. However we are not done, the boosts have to be in the correct areas as well. I'll explain what this means later.

3. GemsTop ^

"I've got 6 lesser gems with only PD/MD and CD boosts, and 3 empowered gems with the same. They are all (MD)/(PD) and CD/CH, none of the big boosts went into CH and I got all my gems at level 25. What's next?" GemsFine job! So, you have a set of perfect gems that are ready to be socketed on your GS, they are all level 25 and you think the only thing left to do is augment those suckers to max PR.

But wait, you aren't out of the woods yet.

For a perfect gem setup you also need these boosts to add up to a 15x PD/MD and 12x CD split. What this means is that 15 of your gem boosts must go into PD or MD and the other 12 into CD. (You have 9 gems and each gem gets 3 big boosts, which means 27 total big boosts.)

There are a few differernt combinations that are all very close to each other in terms of coeff but personally I run a 6/3/9/9 setup.

6/3/9/9 just means that 6 PD/MD boosts total went into your empowered gems and only 3 CD boosts total went into your empowered gems. Additionally, 9 PD/MD boosts went into your lessers and 9 CD boosts went into your lessers. This equals 27 total boosts.

(To be clear, the boosts in your empowered should be 6 PD/MD and 3 CD. The boosts in your lessers should be 9 into PD/MD and 9 into CD.)

This is probably the easiest combination to achieve on your character, and is one of the most powerful in terms of coefficent.

4. Max PRTop ^

What's perfect PR when fully augmented?

Lesser gems start out at level 1 with anywhere between 300-600 Power Rank and when fully augmented will hit 1755 PR as long as the gem started out with 3 stats. The initial PR doesn't matter and the PR boosts at 5,10 and 15 don't matter as you can always achieve maximum PR on a gem that started out with 3 stats. (Higher PR is better of course, as they require less augments to hit 1755.)

Empowered Gems fully augmented sit at 2251 Power Rank. The rest of the same rules above also apply to empowered gems. When augmenting gems you are going to want to start with empowered first if possible as they gain more PR for each augment.

5. ConclusionTop ^

Well, that about wraps it up as far as the road to perfect gems goes. Good luck and feel free to message me in game on "See" if you have any questions.

Thanks for Reading!

<3 See


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hello all this guide is old now since crystal combat update. feel free to add me in game "See" is my name and I can help you if you need it. thanks all

Well ty for the reminder!

liked this!

liked this!

The guide is good and appreciate the info. One thing i see that i can never find info on is, what rarity should the gems be? I am currently a lvl 25 Candy Barbarian. I understand the part about boosting gems, but what do you mean by augment? Please explain the bare essential gems i should be looking for. Again, I am very new to the gem system.

Thanks a lot, simple but well-explained guide


Thanks glad you liked it :)

Sorry, but what is PR? I get everything else.

NVM. It's power rank.


Yup, you are correct :D

how much CH can you get without any boosts on it? I'm afraid it doesn't get close to 100%


It will be over 100%. Actually you can even run 1-2 MH in place of CH on your lessers as you will be over 100% even with no CH boosts :)

liked this!

liked this!


Thanks for reading :D