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March 22, 2018 | Evilagician | 2,264

Our hub, the central area of any Trove world has provided us with pinata parties and more. Following our Golden Sands Contest last year, we're now targeting the hub.

Time to test the creativity of your voxelhood. This is your chance to draw up the hub how you would like to see it. Create a hub you would like to discover, a place to relax and a place worth defending!

Pre-disclaimer: This is a community contest, not a "The Winners hub will be the new hub"-thing.

Supplied Template Files (dropbox)

To give you a quicker start, we've provided templates in a dropbox folder. The hub is divided into 9 separate .qb files, which assembled, form the complete hub thanks to a pre-socketed base file.

  • nine .qb pieces
  • one blueprint of the hubs base (no need to adapt)
  • one .dungeon file (no need to adapt)


Hub Dimensions

  • The hub is made out of a dungeon segment 125x125x125.
  • The main base contains the walls leaving a total of nine 41x41 segments.
  • Each section has 25 voxels below the grass and 59 voxels above the grass level.


Create a hub fitting for Trove, worth defending and nice to visit.

  • Start by downloading the provided qb files from the drop box link above.
  • After editing your pieces in your preferred voxel editor export the .qb files and convert them to blueprints.
  • Make sure to drag the correct ones into metaforge (one by one).
  • Each piece needs a plug corresponding to the right position when looking at below scheme.
  • Don't forget to type "/save" after placing the required plug in a blueprint.

After you've plugged all pieces, dragging the supplied .dungeon file in metaforge will assemble a complete hub. Here you can take screenshots and add them to an imgur album.

Plug Color Chart

Adding Decorations

You can place any fitting decoration you want. Visit the Deco Database find your desired decorations and /wadd them in. Examples:

1000 of  Barrel = /wadd placeable/deco/barrel_01

1000 of  Cheeping Chick = /wadd placeable/deco/highlands_chick

Optional: You can add signs for places where specific things will/can happen (Example: Luxion will land here)

To add these type "/wadd placeable/sign/player/note"


  • Your hub assembles in Metaforge.
  • Your imgur gallery contains enough images of your redesigned hub.
  • Your hub fits the trove theme and is different enough from the original (any original).
  • Your hub is lightly decorated (there is a thin line between enough decorations and too many).
  • Optional text on signs is in English.
  • The goddess statues position is stuck to that chunk, she is also the highest point of the hub by 15 blocks.
  • The player spawn position is fixed, but can be lower or higher, so you can adapt the platform. But players will keep spawning in the center.
  • Saltwater Sam needs a body of water, whether it be a pond or a fountain.
  • Luxion will need a place to land.
  • an area needs to be dedicated to pvp.
  • an area needs to be dedicated to the club portals.
  • an area needs to be dedicated to the dragonshrine.
  • you are allowed to make underground sections, just not too deep.
  • And remember, the hub has a function!

Your submission

Submit one screenshot to the Gallery with tag "Community Designed Hub Contest"

  • Add a link to a separate imgur gallery with more screenshots
  • Add a link to a dropbox folder containing all blueprints and the .dungeon file.
  • You can submit one submission.


  • Thursday, March 22, 2018 to Tuesday, May 1, 2018


  • Highlights will receive 3 tokens, number of highlights depend on the number of submissions.
  • Other submissions meeting requirements will receive 1 token.
  • All valid participants can choose up to two pandas thanks to Ylva
  • Invalid submissions will not receive a token, nor pandas, nor hugs.

Judge And Jury

  • A Voxelish Developer, One or Two TroveCreations Moderators (One Confirmed / One Pending), Two Trovesaurus peoples (One With Mustache /  One Pure Evil)


This contest is run by Trovesaurus. These concepts are for fun/contest reasons only and will not be REAL in any way.


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