The Ultimate Trove Ore Guide ( Only for Trove, not Geode )

March 12, 2018 by Mr_Cj_Joe 3,025 2

Hey, what is up my fellow Trovians, I'm Mr_Cj_Jo and I am creating a ore guide. One thing I want you to get is that some of this is other peoples ideas, so I do not own these ideas. With out further adue, let's dive in. 

First I just want to say the Boomeranger class is the best class in the whole game for ore grinding. All you need to do is place his bomb two blocks below the center of the ore vein and pow, you have all or most of the ore! 

Shapestone: This the most common ore in the whole game and can be found in all biomes. This purple ore is great for Ringcrafting, bomb building, and selling for large quantaties of flux. It can be found even more commonly in the Dragonfire Peaks biome ( if you can find a giant cavern subbiome in it, there is even more shapestone there).

Formacite: This ore is less common than shapestone, yet not hard to find. This ore is great for crafting anything from the Fun Factory crafting table.This ore is more common in the Fae Forest biome ( make sure you check the caves there). This ore is a teal color.

Crystalized Cloud: This ore is common in only the Cursed Skylands portal and the Radient Ruins biome in that portal. You can get large quantaties of it since if drops around two to three fragments per ore block.

Glacier Shard: This is a very obnoxious ore to find, it only spawns in the Permafrost biome. Like Crystalized Cloud, it drops two to three shards per ore however it doesn't come in large quantaties, usually three to four blocks per ore node. This ore almost blends in to the Permafrost biome, it is just a little darker than the snow.

Infinium Ore: This golden-green ore is rare and is found more commonly in Candoria. This ore is used to craft many objects and items in your club world. 

Primordial Flame: this rare ore is found in some ore nodes, or by itself. This ore has the same amount properties as glacier shard, however it does not drop two to three ore shards, only one, so this ore is really hard to get. This ore looks red, yellow, orange, and black. This ore is used to build bombs and flame objects. This ore is most commonly found the Dragonfire Peaks biome with the same properties of Shapestone in that biome.

Somber Soul: This ore is very very rare and it can only be found in the Cursed Vale. This ore is more rare than Primordial Flame. It is easier to bomb most ore nodes since it sometimes will spawn under ground with the ore node. I recommend looking in the caves and caverns for it rather than above ground. This ore is used to craft spooky objects.

The final ore is Golden Soul: This is the rarest ore in the game, and you usually find one per ore node, but sometimes two can occur, this being more rare. This ore from my experence spawns more in Candoria, however I have not conducted a survey on this. This ore is used to craft every single soul-consumable dragon and club cards.

That's it for the Trove Ore guide I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helps you. If I missed anything please leave a comment and I will try to fix it.


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