Thanks for taking part in our Delifest contest this year, here are the results from Delicious.

The above contest art is our gift to Deli, created by SkyTheVirus.

HighlightsTop ^

I just need to say, this is absolutely one of the reasons I enjoy about your work, in all honesty. You have such intricate designs, reminiscent over such a beautiful form of inking - and it's just so creative, and ever so inspirational!

Definitely like how you interpreted both my characters in this piece, and this is a great example over not having as much colour, but still being able to deliver your message of such a mystery, such an occurrence! Dude, this honestly inspires me to create a cool comic about. Thank you very much for the idea!

Please keep doing the best you, that you can be, mau5head, you are the sweetest person I've ever met, and I'm honestly grateful that you even entered into the competition with intention for my Cakeday, thank you, and keep up the wondrous work!

Okay, first of all Mr, you are the most patient person I could ever be grateful for. I've seen the process on this piece, and I'm really happy that you decided to also give your take on how my character could've been portrayed, and listened to a lot of the suggestions that was flying at the top of my head, and honestly, I can only ever be grateful, thank you!

Within your portrayal, I love how you kept the atmosphere centered to stargazing, but still being able to show every part to my character. That's a neat way of putting my notes by the way! Ahaha, it was cute when entries were popping up and some reminded me of creatures I never listed on my character sheet, that's a funny reference!

Overall, your style of great contrast and partial dark spots, really illuminated this piece. From the minimal detail of every custom star you've put, to the islands that reflect on the water, I gotta say, this is honestly an amazing gift, and an overall amazing entry.

Thank you so much once again for entering, MrWhoever! Keep up the amazing work, and don't stop being the best you, that you can be!

Rouki, I need to mention, I'm really glad you also approached me on my character, you’re one of the very rare users that actually privately messaged me about it, ahah! I’m really glad that you incorporated a possible suggestion to the backstory of how my character had corruption and madness fill her mind, and the effects of the Chaotic creature, that’s really neat dude!

The effects in this piece are honestly just, amazing! How the static comes off, it gives off as if she’s being completely controlled, fighting for her life to not betray her kingdom, yet does so, and even destroyed some pieces in the process, that’s just seriously awesome and neat! I really like how your style developed as well, on your entry for Bunnysaurus I thought your depiction was honestly adorable, and I’m really glad that you included the same style onto this entry, it’s so cute!

This inspires me all the more for the future official look of Queen Esther, thank you so much for keeping your cool! Keep being the best you, that you can be, Rouki! I can’t wait for more art from you too, definitely still waiting on more of your story with your characters.~

My, golly gosh, Ari. This is so freakin’ cool! I am so lost for words! Esther looks so badass, almost as if she’s completely consumed by her bloodlust and corrupted destruction of her kingdom, ready to destroy some pieces and let everything fall beneath her feet.

Your perception of her is also really cool, definitely like the possible sleeve design suggestion for her final look, this inspires me greatly overall on personality; I gotta mention, you’re literally one of the only people who remembered to actually include her Pawn wings ahaha, I gotta commend you for your accuracy, and for differentiation for creating a different kind of flooring of red and white, that’s absolutely amazing - thank you so much!

Keep being the best you, that you can be, Ari - This entry really tickles my heartstrings, and thank you, for inspiring me! Soon, I’ll be able to finally finish up a reference perfect for satisfying the complete design for the characters, thank you so much again for contributing for inspiration, and overall participating!


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