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March 8, 2018 by Etaew 887 1

Thanks for your entries into ButtGoblin's disturbing [class=Gunslinger] draw, she is rewarding you all but for public announcement I've had Delicious highlight some entries with comments.


You never cease to amaze with your efforts, Whoever! I really like how you referenced off the original drawing rather than the actual in game gun, that's definitely a cool addition. The Heart effects in the back definitely add up more to the atmosphere as well, gosh I'm Keep up the good work MrWhoever!

Better and better mau5! Love how you added other designs to the costume, that's really an amazing thing about you, definitely original, definitely simplistic and definitive, Keep it at the top dude! I'm sure Cassie would've loved it!

We've been missing a bit of entries about Clay, this is a great entrance back into it, Goodwitch! This is honestly hilarious ahaha, just noticing the eyes just completely pushed out with such large veins, and having a very defined body structure, that's pretty darn good! Keep up the amazing work, and definitely hope to see more from you! Definitely more clay stuff too, that's a really cool form of art!

Heya Subj! Amazing work on the comeback piece, very dynamic, and definitely hilarious over the eyes that keep poppin' and crazy lookin', ahaha! A very simple approach, but one of the entries that only ever had Cassie's Gunslinger's cape, great work on accuracy! Keep up the awesome work, still can't wait to see more from you, and hope to see more!


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