Bunny Appreciation - Art Results

March 2, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our art contest celebrating the Troversary of Bunnysaurus. We've spoken with her and have the results ready for you guys.

Featured image provided as our gift to Bunnysaurus created by SkyTheVirus.

"It's really hard to just pick 6 I love ALL OF THEM! thank you so so much for making this happen. I just love seeing fan art and seeing bunnysaurus art really made my day <3"

"I LOVE this take on bunnysaurus. Looks like an alien dinosaur bun and I am so here for that!"

"This bunny looks so chill hanging with her little bun friend. I love the vibe of this drawing"

"I adore this one! It looks like my bunnysaurus Ally is helping me build the atlas which is a great concept and the colors and linework are gorgeous!"


"The colors and lighting in this are amazing! Really beautiful!"

"This is adorable and I love the map detail in the background!"

"This one is so fun! I especially love the little. Bunnysaurus Ally it is adorable!!!"


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