Thanks for taking part in this months mod contest featuring the Permafrost biome.

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Mag Riders

An entry for the Permafrost Modding Contest.

Comment: Dancing on ice... Looks like a crazy thing to do, but this one seems solid enough.

Costumes ( Gunslinger)

Comment: You've made a complete package, using this one can freeze over all the other biomes.

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In response to the discussion on discord regarding a possible change or rules: 

The goal of the modding contest:

To promote the creation of new mods while highlighting the theme and limiting the timeframe while giving both old and new modders a chance to shine. In the past we had month-old mods entered into the modding contests which would eliminate the limited timeframe. Hence the mod entry has to be created within that timeframe.

And yes you can change the original idea to a point where it doesn't appear to be the same mod. Well, if that's the case.. just create a new mod entry and keep your old entry intact. This way it is possible to see the changes while keeping the original alive.

The criteria remain unchanged, the mod entry has to be created in the timeframe of the modding contest.


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