Trovians in Love 2018 - Results

February 23, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our valentines contest, really great entries. We've had the results in from Ylva and [user=Delicious].

Ylva's HighlightsTop ^

Really heartwarming, and animation adds extra charm. Adorable winking dracolyte on unexpectedly cute bone dragon is not something you see every day :D


Its hard to underestimate the importance of your partners support, this candy barbarian and shadow hunter seem to go through all the trove troubles together. Charming and simple artstyle makes them even more attractive!

Delicious HighlightsTop ^

Really adorable piece, and completely relatable! :'D

This piece really tugs on my heartstrings, to capture such an innocent and sincere moment, truly a heartwarming piece, keep up the good work!

Special MentionTop ^

Etaew decided to use his mustache to highlight these two top quality entries.

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