Stream Teases possible new Class (and pinatas)

February 9, 2018 | Evilagician | 2,148

Besides showing off the new pinatas, we might have seen the first glimpses of the new class.

Teased on Stream

Not sure if teasing a new class was intentional, but we did see more than Valentine and St. Qubes pinatas. Judge and discuss it all here. Dopesheet has a trial on the Vanguardian (new class name?) but is also level 30.

Some things to note:

Fist Weapons!

A shiny Cape!

Changing Action bar, switching between melee and ranged (skill 2).

Stream Footage

Class Costumes

We've used the stream to make a costume of the level 20 "Vanguardian", and, based on the fact costumes get more awesome, theoretically, the level 10 and level 1 costumes will be less flashy. The following is not based on real finds in the client, but just on thoughts. So take the costumes below with a grain of salt, or get the free promotion salt shaker ^^.

Front (Level 1 -> Level 10 -> Level 20)

Vanguardian Fronts

Back (Level 20 -> Level 10 -> Level 1)




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