Stream Teases possible new Class (and pinatas)

February 9, 2018 by Evilagician 2,244 10

Besides showing off the new pinatas, we might have seen the first glimpses of the new class.

Teased on StreamTop ^

Not sure if teasing a new class was intentional, but we did see more than Valentine and St. Qubes pinatas. Judge and discuss it all here. Dopesheet has a trial on the Vanguardian (new class name?) but is also level 30.

Some things to note:

Fist Weapons!

A shiny Cape!

Changing Action bar, switching between melee and ranged (skill 2).

Stream FootageTop ^

Class CostumesTop ^

We've used the stream to make a costume of the level 20 "Vanguardian", and, based on the fact costumes get more awesome, theoretically, the level 10 and level 1 costumes will be less flashy. The following is not based on real finds in the client, but just on thoughts. So take the costumes below with a grain of salt, or get the free promotion salt shaker ^^.

Front (Level 1 -> Level 10 -> Level 20)

Vanguardian Fronts

Back (Level 20 -> Level 10 -> Level 1)




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