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Along the art focus for Permafrost we will also serve a modding focus to go along. This focus will also be in the order of Adventure Worlds.

TaskTop ^

Create a mod related to the Permafrost biome.
This can be costume variations, allies, dragons, mounts, boats etc.

Mods are uploaded in the Trovesaurus Mods section, on the modpage itself you can add it to the modpack named Permafrost Focus.

Important, please take note of the following rules:

  • Please make sure to add at least 2 images to the mod, as we won't have time to install them all.
  • These mods have to be new, adding old mods / reuploading old mods won't be a valid submission.

DatesTop ^

  • Thursday, February 1, 2018 to Thursday, March 1, 2018

RewardsTop ^

  • All entries that have made an appropriate effort will receive a Reward Token (multiple entries will still count as 1).
  • a maximum of 8 highlighted entries will receive an additional Reward Token


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