Guide Creation Contest - Results

January 28, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our Guide Creation Contest, I have reviewed the guides and we are ready to show the rewards.

Style NotesTop ^

Please note that the requirements for this contest was to be at least a page long, and not just a few lines.

To make a guide readable instead of a wall of text, it was also encouraged to add images and headers to your guides.

It is encouraged to link internally to items, so they can be displayed with an icon and tooltip for example: Dragon Coin. We don't encourage links to external sites like Wikia.

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How to Optimize Your DPS by Balancing Stats

Architect January 11, 2018 17 28

In this guide, I will describe how to decide which stats to focus on to optimize your damage per second. I will also provide tables showing the best choices for gems to optimize dps for each class.

Gem Reroll Strategy

Architect January 13, 2018 1 7

This guide shows you how to reroll your stellar gems to acquire Magic Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Hit with no boosts to Critical Hit while minimizing the amount of resources spent. Similarly, you can interchange Magic Damage with Physical Damage if you wish to acquire Physical Damge instead of Magic Damage. The expected amount of rerolls will be shown for each stat combination, which is useful for deciding which gems to reroll or how much resources to save up.

Incredibly well put together guides, contains lots of information, images and headers.

Rewarded GuidesTop ^

Rejected GuidesTop ^

The following guides did not have enough content to meet our requirements.

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