Snowpeak Sentinel - Results

January 24, 2018 by Etaew

Thanks for taking part in our contest to draw the Snowpeak Sentinel for TechnoShyft. Here are the results. Winners should expect the rewards shortly from TechnoShyft.

WinnersTop ^

Receive 3x codes for Snowpeak Sentinel.

Wow! Your first upload here? This is a really impressive piece, and I’m glad to welcome you to our art community! This really stuck out as being the most Revenant-like of all of them. I really like that you kept the same shape and scale of the in-game character in your art, that’s awesome. One thing I also can always appreciate is simplicity. You gave it more realistic shading, and that juxtaposes really well with the minimalist design you gave him, while still making him recognizably Sentinel. Awesome work! I really hope to see more from you in the future!

And another new member! Welcome! I’m a really huge fan of your style in this piece. I love the look that you gave it of being a sort of rough sketch on the outline, it goes really well with the more washed-out palette you chose for him. It gives it a feel that he’s been all scratched up and worn out in the heat of battle. On top of that, the way you made the background out of focus with the circles is awesome. It makes it look like there are shimmering lights in the distance, which really gives it a sense of perspective. All in all, this is really awesome. Keep up the great work!

Jeez, so many new artists! Welcome to you too! This one is by far the most accurate piece in terms of interpreting the details. I can really appreciate that you left nothing out of this, that’s really impressive. You split the skirt up into segments, put the stripes on the boots, emphasized the elbow and knee pads, you gave it so much attention to detail. And those eyes, they just pierce my soul, and they really give him a more spirit-like look, alluding to him being a Revenant. Lastly, I really like the kneeling pose you gave him. He really looks like he’s at your service, always watching. You certainly made him live up to his title of “Sentinel”. Great work!

I must say, I’m really impressed with your progression as an artist! This is a great rendition! First off, I like the figure you gave him, where you skinnied him up a bit. He definitely looks more cute than aggressive, so the shape is very suiting. I also love the subtle details in the overall design, those are the highlights. The snow-covered mittens were a great idea, it makes it seem as if he’s been out in Permafrost, or even has an icy touch. And wow, the gems on the torso and shield, those look fantastic! That’s especially for the shield, and the way you gave it that gradient like on the actual costume, that’s great. Great job!

I’m impressed with your progress as well! This is a great showcase of your ever-improving art skills! This piece is absolutely adorable. I love the addition of the polar bear and penguin with their scarves and all, it really gives it a more “Snowfest” vibe than “Permafrost”, I love that. I thought I would be a fan of exclusively the more aggressive interpretation, but this one really made me smile. It’s not only the fluffiness and cuteness of the character that I like, but the setting as well. You did a great job with those Northern Lights! Overall, this is something I could imagine seeing on a Christmas card, and that’s awesome!

Goodness, this piece speaks wonders, the colors are absolutely well-put and matching - palette brings out an Aurora Borealis vibe, and I'm astounded by the originality over mau5's personalized design concept over the Snowpeak Sentinel itself, I applaud to thee, Mau5! You've done it again, and I can't wait to keep seeing your wonderous work!

Runners UpTop ^

Entries with appropriate effort will receive 1x code for Snowpeak Sentinel.

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liked this!

well done to the winners

and everyone love all the art