Trovesaurus Development Diary - December 2017

January 3, 2018 by Etaew 1,419 0

Catch up with the changes to the site during the month of December.

To be notified of all changes as they happen please check out the #changes channel in the Trovesaurus Discord.

Changes for ModdersTop ^

Added a new global site icon for mods thanks to evil 

For some reason we stopped displaying mod type, that is now listed again under the mod name

mod types now have icons, this affects the icon on the mod page, and the Modded Boxcutters PTS link icon

subtypes are now included in the mod previews again, oh and new icons hiiii

because im slow, and thanks to @Dazo , added a download all mods in this pack button for mod packs

modders page sidebar now includes new modders, and modder commision info (is that even a thing?) and progress towards modder status is now displayed 

added a trending mods panel to the modders page and the main mods page

mod downloads part of the page is now less ugly

mod previews now feature a green background for liked mods, a total like count, and a mini button to like a mod from the preview


  • mod boxes now have tmod and zip icons
  • modders can now be flagged if they have any collections accepted in-game (this check is only performed when a new mod is uploaded)
  • not visible mods are no longer included in mod stat lists
  • not visible mods are no longer shown on a user activity feed

Changes for Guide and News CreatorsTop ^

  • pages no longer require the url format /page=id/title they can work with /page=id as a minimum

Changes for ClubsTop ^

club builds page is now unified with the new site design, and the grid is now properly aligned


  • club rankings are now calculated based on server, so you can have a #1 on pc xbox and ps4
  • updated clubs index appearance slightly, added the standard site pagination controls

Changes for TranslatorsTop ^

condensed the translations list further, and added red indicators for empty fields

  • new site translation strings
    • art-relation
    • today
    • summary
    • chaos chest rotation
    • leaderboard contest rotation
    • login tokens
    • all clubs
    • add club
    • club guide
    • arenas
    • minigames
    • club builds
    • profile
    • art
    • followed users
    • add
    • guide
    • artists
    • (all art categories)
    • (pagination)
    • added new translation strings for use as profile icon and report broken icon, hopefully this can decrease the numerous reports i get a day of broken icons by people who cant read the text
    • login / logout now uses translations
    • added dark-theme and light-theme to the translations
    • added translation strings to the gold menu
  • (reminder that people can suggest parts of the site to support translations)
  • accepted a new german language pack from dsluka
  • removed several specific language strings

Changes for Gold UsersTop ^

gold menu icon now has a dropdown for quick settings access and overview of what features you have activated

Changes for ArtistsTop ^

icons and things added for art nav menu, the missing ones will find some icons soons

you can now submit art directly to a contest or category when viewing it on the gallery


art pages now have an icon, icons and translated text for the navigation and a like button higher up the page (like box still exists down below)


  • added a new art category for "Comic" and "Animation"
  • when viewing art by tag that doesnt belong to a contest, duplicate submissions by the same user are no longer highlighted
  • art results when searching are now displayed in the same way as the main gallery
  • updated the add art form with a new condensed layout
  • art upload form can now be translated
  • gallery page now uses more translations

Changes for EveryoneTop ^

item result pages now have tab options to display results as a list or in a grid

added the same for collections, but by default the grid option is active for that

icons have been added to the style categories on the nav

fixed the links and added icons to the categories on the style page itself

style page now has a dedicated sidebar

added a new site search, as you type we'll search the items, collections and styles database for matches and they can be suggested, these suggestions can be clicked to take you right to the page, you can still press enter to go to the normal search page

nav menu at the top is now smaller icons

nav menu on the top is now collapsed on mobiles, also added labels to the menu buttons

dragons page has been updated to contain links to eggs and fragments

individual collection pages now have their own sidebar, with info and actions

collection categories are now brought in line with the other site styles

you can now request updates to collection and item pages of the site, just fill in the box with what you would like to know and you'll be sent a private message when that information is added

we love you on mobiles too, page navigations bars on the collections page now collapses on mobiles

to help artists transition and comply with our contest requirements, all art with tags set and no relation to trove field will generate a site notification for them to check (art uploaded before we added the field is exempt from this notification)


  • banned users can now only message me
  • banned users can now never be drawn in a giveaway
  • added some code to force users to https pages, this means that all scripts correctly load, including things like site search
  • profile pages now search partial matches of the designers field (this helps with items that are credited with multiple people)
  • due to abuse, users can no longer change their site name
  • added an icon to the designs tab of the user profile pages, also fixed an issue where designs by multiple authors weren't picked up correctly
  • restored the dungeons pages, seems they were used by some designers
  • removed the ability for users to add their own dungeon entries, you're all bad people and i dont trust you anymore (we are likely to be adding these ourselves)
  • decreased the size of the reply button on comments
  • tags are now processed on mod notes
  • increased visibility on login button
  • emails which are not login emails are now sent on a delay, every 1 minute up to 10 emails are sent
  • you should now see a message when you use expired login links
  • site mails will now only attempt to be re-sent 3 times before cancelling
  • removed over 6000 accounts from the site which had no email address set and had not created any art or mods
  • added a new user badge to indicate that they havent been seen in 30 days
  • added a new badge to go alongside the 30 day inactivity badge to display for 3 months inactivity, this helps you get more information at a glance
  • changed view in troxel links from to chromoritz.github since they seem to work more reliably
  • the calendar will now hide sections that have no entries in it
  • added new calendar sections
    • Community Draws (also features Game Draws), these are art contests that you draw for a member of the community
    • Art Challenge (are two weekly random art challenges)
    • Art Focus (are the month long specific art contests, previously class contests, and now biome contests)

Bug FixesTop ^

  • fixed a recently introduced issue where only 1 collection would return as a result
  • fixed a recently introduced issue where news page was a bit empty
  • fixed an issue where used as ingredient didnt display the new recipe format
  • fixed an issue where crafting count would return an incorrect number for some items
  • fixed an issue where badges couldnt be viewed
  • fixed an issue where search page wouldnt load when searching with chinese characters
  • fixed an issue where the chance in a giveaway wasn't displaying to 2 decimal places as intended
  • fixed an issue where liked mods couldnt show a preview on a users profile
  • removed obsolete references to "wishlists"
  • the image preview modal should now allow users to edit (delete) their own uploaded images
  • fixed an issue which prevent auto crediting of purchased trovesaurus gold
  • site registration will no longer allow you to enter invalid email addresses
  • disabled links are no longer clickable (did no harm anyway)
  • fixed an issue where event notification emails lacked the event url


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