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Thanks for taking part in our Trotting Otter contest, we have the results from Delicious.

HighlightsTop ^

These entries will receive a Trotting Otter code or 2 Reward Tokens, Deli will be messaging you folks.

This piece by boss really brought back some old-school cartoon memories. Similar to those papercraft styled shows that were cutouts of adorable doodles and they're animated? That, that really inspired me. I'm surprised boss isn't marked artist yet, their work is adorable as well as creative! Keep it up, boss! I can't wait for more amazing works from you!

Does this not scream out at you this is should be the new Pringles Logo?! When I saw this in progress, I honestly only ever kept reminding myself of the Pringles man out of your piece, Whoever, this is absolutely cute, and very different from your usual work! Let loose a little, I noticed your pieces getting more and more detailed as time has gone, but not as much attention comes to it – don't let others affect you to do something beyond your capabilities and skills, alright? You got this, as long as you gave your all and what you see, fits!

Going beyond and recreating an exsisting entry within about two weeks – dude, that takes dedication. I'm glad CD took the time to help you out on inspiration, and no worries if you didn't read the criteria properly! You had fun in that sense, all the more that makes me glad! Keep up the amazing work Mo, I want to see more of it!!

Other WinnersTop ^

This Lazy Otter is absorbing the rays from a small river while wearing his brand new sun glasses.

But, Otters don't make dams! On the contrary, my friend, " Otters do not build dams as beavers do, but in some areas otters may build their dens within an abandoned beaver dam. "

Splat Splat!!  m(・ェ・)m

I think Pixel Art is difficult for me. TvT

No description entered

I did the round art style :D

Happy otter with fish in hands :).


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