Return of the Dragon Hoard

December 12, 2017 | Etaew | 899

Are you ready for the return of the Dragon Hoard Pack? This massive bundle includes:

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment – A full legendary dragon of tremendous grace and unwavering power. Unlocking this mythical beast will grant all your classes a series of permanent boosts:
    • 10% Maximum Health
    • 3% Attack Speed
    • +500 Physical Damage
    • +50 Magic Find
  • 333 Dragon Coins to speed up the unlocking of another dragon.
  • 33 Greater Dragon Caches that may contain Dragon Coins or a variety of rare Dragon Eggs.
  • 3 Diamond Dragonite Pouches that will help you progress toward unlocking your very own Diamond Dragon Egg used in crafting Primordial Dragons!

If you haven’t picked it up already, don’t let these treasures slip through your grasp. A hoard this precious doesn’t come along every day!

Discuss the Dragon Hoard pack on our forums.

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