50% Off Boxes, Chests, and Caches for the Holidays!

December 12, 2017 by Trove Blog 886 0

Save 50% off Greater Dragon Caches, Chaos Chests, and Gem Booster boxes until January 2, 2018. Plus, get Dragon Coins back in return for those used. Read on for details!

Chaos Chests & Gem Booster Boxes
Chaos Chests have a chance of dropping a vast selection of goodies with spectacular rare drops like the Hyperstar Hoverboard (new this week).

Gem Booster Boxes provide materials needed for upgrading your gems and may very rare also grant a Diamond Dragon Egg that is the key component of crafting a Primordial Dragon!

Greater Dragon Cache
Save 50% on Greater Dragon Caches through New Year’s Day! In addition to this massive discount we’ve added many different dragon fragments as an uncommon drop during the sale. The possible dragon fragment drops are:

  • Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Bubble Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Starfire Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Floral Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Ice Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Kami Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Voidwatcher Dragon Egg Fragment
  • Spinner Dragon Egg Fragment

Dragon Coin Rebate
This is a brand-new event for Trove. Use Dragon Coins to craft dragons (or spend them to buy items from Luxion) between now and 4 AM PST (12PM GMT) on January 2, 2018, and you’ll receive a Dragon Coin rebate before the end of January!

You’ll need to use at least 100 Dragon Coins to receive a rebate. Use 100-299 coins to get a rebate of 50 Dragon Coins. 300 – 599 coins will receive a rebate of 150 Dragon Coins. 600-999 coins earns a 300 Dragon Coin rebate. Finally, using 1000 or more coins will bring 500 rebated Dragon Coins.

Don’t let these treasures slip through your grasp. A hoard this precious doesn’t come along every day!

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