Credit Packs and Golden Ticket Chests!

December 12, 2017 | Etaew | 1,266

We’re adding bonus Golden Ticket Chests to the 8,500 and 18,500 Credit Packs! These special lockboxes may contain a variety of loot including Gem Boosters, Dragon Coins, or Chaos Cores.


They may also rarely drop the It's Raining Mounts! unlocker (unlocks almost every mount in the game), the Hyper Pinata EX mount, or the Draconic Superiority Complex unlocker (unlocks 15 dragons & exceptionally rare mounts for players who don’t already have them):

This spectacular winter extravaganza is the perfect way to close out 2017 and is a great start to what promises to be an incredible New Year!



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