B_Y3LL0W's NPC Preview Tool

November 30, 2017 by B_Y3LL0W

A special mod previewing utility that can preview up to 20 NPCs. Read the guide on how to use it.


Since Adventures is live, some of us may have the urge to make our own Heroes but previewing NPCs could be a pain to do so. To overcome this problem, I've made a special preview tool to preview up to 20 NPCs! Here's a step by step guide to use the tool.


First of all, open the game's Live folder, and open the command window by using Shift+Right Click then select "Open command window here".

Once the command window opens, copy and paste the following lines into the command window. Do it one by one.

  • Trove.exe -tool extractarchive blueprints extracted\blueprints
  • Trove.exe -tool extractarchive prefabs\npc extracted\prefabs\npc
  • Trove.exe -tool extractarchive prefabs\npc\fixtures extracted\prefabs\npc\fixtures
  • Trove.exe -tool extractarchive prefabs\npc\summon extracted\prefabs\npc\summon
  • Trove.exe -tool extractarchive prefabs\npc\shadowtitan extracted\prefabs\npc\shadowtitan 

Download the tool from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0v7v1aao57ciz72/npc_preview_tool.blueprint?dl=0.

By the way, It's a blueprint file.

Choosing a rig to mod:

Alright. We have our prefabs extracted. Now we need a suitable rig to create our NPC.

Open the folder where all the NPC prefabs were extracted. (Live\extracted\prefabs\npc) and select the NPC you want to mod.

Note: The blueprint names can be found on the wiki, so make sure you convert the blueprints to qb and do some regular old modding.
Follow chapter 0 to 3 on this guide if you don't know how to mod: https://trovesaurus.com/page=1932/modding-101-chapter-0-lets-get-you-into-modding


Copy it and paste it in your override folder (Live\prefabs\npc\override). If there are no override folders, make one.


Rename the file with one of the names listed below.

  • A1: biped_herositting_clubace
  • A2: clubguard_male
  • A3: merchant_club_clubace
  • A4: merchant_club_female_01
  • A5: merchant_club_female_02
  • B1: merchant_club_male_02_clubfixture_utility
  • B2: merchant_club_male_02_clubfixture_ultimate
  • B3: merchant_club_male_02_clubfixture_combat
  • B4: merchant_club_male_02
  • B5: merchant_club_male_01
  • C1: merchant_dragonflux
  • C2: merchant_hubpirate
  • C3: merchant_perfectlynormal_01
  • C4: merchant_pinata_trove
  • C5: merchant_pvp
  • D1: merchant_wondertrove
  • D2: merchant_wonderfragment
  • D3: merchant_shippirate_glim
  • D4: merchant_shippirate_flux
  • D5: merchant_radiant

Previewing the NPC:

To preview the NPC, open the metaforge by typing '/mf' on your game chat or you can use another way:

  1. Open "trove.exe" on your Live folder.
  2. Wait till there's a prompt on the loading screen.
  3. Press 'F6' on your keyboard.




Drag the tool blueprint that you've downloaded to the metaforge and Voila! :D


Note: Interacting with certain NPCs in the metaforge may crash the game instantly! Careful when pressing [E].

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