Trove - Adventures Hotfix 3 - November 28, 2017

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Update: After reviewing the contents of this hotfix, we've concluded that it does not contain the removal of tethering. However, the change to remove tethering is still coming in a future hotfix, it just did not make it into this build. We will announce the date for that hotfix as soon as we are able!

  • Fixed an issue with some club UI screens displaying the rank setting list for members improperly.
  • Fixtures can no longer be placed on top of fixtures that are already building, preventing fixtures from intermingling. No more Franken-fixtures!
  • Clubs can now opt out of appearing in the portals in the Club HQ. These commands can be run by members with the AccessControl permission, and can only be run while in the club world:
    • /club portalsoptout
    • /club portalsoptin
    • /club getportalsoptout
  • Membership is now required to set a club as primary. Sorry, Groucho Marx.
  • Locked fixture slots in the Club UI now indicate what club level unlocks them.
  • Club level up messages now appears in chat.
  • Restored the 750 member limit in clubs. It was not intentional that this cap was removed. If a club is currently over 750 members, new players cannot be added until there are fewer than 750 members.
  • When players donate all that they have to the club, it will no longer be considered an anonymous donation.
  • If a club has insufficient clubits to pay rent, the "Pay Rent" button is disabled and the amount due turns red.
  • Fixtures that don't have a weekly rent cost will now refresh without payment.
  • Allow larger clubs to appear in the "Active" Club HQ portals as well - previously it was only for small clubs.
  • Adventures from clubs you are a member of will now show the name of the club.

  • The Fixtures tab of the Club UI now gives better feedback. For example, it now properly informs you when you donĂ¢€™t have enough cubits to pay rent.
  • Fixed minions from Chaos Vials despawning instantly.
  • Updated the Adventure Tracker to prevent some client crashes that could occur while it was opening.
  • The Fixtures tab of the Clubs UI should be a bit more helpful with explaining why something can't be done.
  • Fixed an issue where two similar adventures would not complete at the same time.

Additional Updates
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur around torches.
  • Fixed a rare server crash and some other server stability improvements.
  • Flux artifacts should be unlocked in the loot collector by default now.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the tutorial from being completed.
  • The Super Starter Pack now only appears for accounts less than 7 days old.
  • Fixed the incorrect tooltip display of the Stay Subclassy Badges.
  • Switching from the Crafting Inventory to the Adventure Inventory should no longer leave the UI in an un-interactable state.
  • Fixed some inconsistent naming for the Thoughtless Thirst Aura.
  • Rare item alerts should no longer cause mouseover tooltips to disappear.
  • Dino Tamer minions should no longer drop loot in Battle Arenas.
  • The marketplace comparison tooltip should now appear again.
  • Boat and dragon damage should no longer trigger subclass passive abilities.
  • The Tasty Taiyaki mount no longer incorrectly claims Glide speed. It now just flops about, as taiyaki does.
  • The marketplace, cornerstone, and inventory will now allow you to purchase additional slots without having to close and reopen the UI.
  • The "Join Trade Chat" option in Settings should now work again.
  • The Mobile Mummy mount now displays the correct inventory icon.
  • The Miner's Trove now includes Cinnabar!
  • The stats for the Goldwing Falkanzer Cub and Golden Glitterbug have been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where signs displayed either no text or the wrong text.
  • The LED-Lit Lionfish has been found! It can now be successfully caught. The Neon Knightfish should now loot collect into the proper rewards.

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