3 Years of Trovesaurus

December 1, 2017 by Etaew

Trovesaurus turns 3 years old today, thanks for being a part of this community. Check out some stats, a list of changes, and what we're doing to celebrate.

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What is Trovesaurus?Top ^

Trovesaurus is a player run fan site, we are not affiliated with Trion and is solely coded by Etaew, although others have assisted in the running and creating content over the years.

The site was started as a way to view recipe and item information during Alpha, early on the name was TroveDB and then Market came up with Trovesaurus, it took a while to grow on me. The site really took off when Dusty_Mustard worked with me to add the Mods index. Now we regularly host art contests and giveaways.

On our first anniversary TeeKayM created the Sageosaurus for us.

Trovesaurus still remains the primary site which can read the Trove client files and fill the database, we use this knowledge to help generate the files needed to support Translation mods.

For our second anniversary Evilagician made us this cake!

What have we done this year?Top ^

Year in Stats

Stats for the period of December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017

  • Website: 913,354 users over 2,663,976 sessions visiting 10,832,796 pages
  • Giveaways: 101 giveaways run, and 3,362 prizes distributed with 162,187 total entries
  • Art: 47 contests, and 2,561 art submitted
  • Mods: 1,293 submitted
  • Reward Tokens: 1,747 token rewards were distributed to 477 users
  • Database Updates: 13


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How are we celebrating?Top ^

Comment Contest

I'm interested in hearing from you guys about your experiences with Trovesaurus.


  • Leave a comment on this page with how you found out about the site, what you use it for, and what you would like to see from us in the future.


  • We are celebrating from Friday, December 1, 2017 to Friday, December 15, 2017


  • I'll be picking 40 on-topic commenters at random to receive an The Streamer Dream code at the end of the event.


  1. aldrin27
  2. skizo
  3. ClapTrapObama
  4. chocospoon
  5. Frost_king3
  6. technomancer99
  7. Sqwazzer
  8. KittyDetroyer2000
  9. Trovegiveway
  10. SporeCreature
  11. _Shirayuki_
  12. Lokanc
  13. CannibalKyne
  14. Shirokiri
  15. X ladymaniac X
  16. Rebsothoth
  17. Guede-60700
  18. Kovoura
  19. david5000000
  20. GalaxyGem
  21. Sir_durpsalot
  22. TankyTanky
  23. ClaryKitty
  24. Hackercho
  25. GhostsProne115
  26. Anywhere
  27. rickybobbler
  28. JESGA
  29. IGN: online01234567891
  31. TomNoble
  32. pixelhax
  33. MichaelDragonHeart
  34. kagroffthe2nd
  35. D13511
  36. pokemon008
  37. Eisenman
  38. Klamer
  39. Eogh
  40. ETheB06

Llama Escape Giveaway

The majority of our remaining Llama vault are escaping, join the giveaway for a good chance at one!

To celebrate our third anniversary we're releasing our remaining herd of llamas all 418 of them. Sign up for a chance to win Scary Mary, Kami Llami, Anachronistic Antoine. Changeling Channing and Fiery Kiely YAMAS!

Art Contest

3rd Anniversary Art Contest

Etaew December 1, 2017 3 10

To celebrate the sites third anniversary, we are hosting an art contest. Draw Trovian characters attending a party for the Sageosaurus so he isn't lonely.

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Can't recall the exact details of how I came across Trovesaurus, but I discovered it some years back when I first played Trove and it was a big help to me. The promotions and contests were a fun way for me to work up the effort to do some tasks, like an old Market guide I wrote ages ago. The club also made it a lot more fun for me with doing shadow towers and other farms. (I think I got removed for inactivity at some point but that's perfectly understandable since I was inactive for over a year) I've gotten back into Trove recently and this site continues to be a big help for understanding the new stuff, especially with a page specifically for returning players to see all the big changes. And even now I'm tempted to join in the contests even though my skills aren't very applicable to many of them. Really glad to see Trovesaurus is still active and making the game more fun. I just hope Trovesaurus continues as it is into next year.

Happy third anniversary!

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I've found out about Trovesaurus when I looked up how to get the Sagesaurus mount like 2 moths ago. I thought this was just a site where giveaways happen and trove info is stored,but I soon found out that it is much more than that. I've seen so much awesome work done on this page all the artists,modders and all the others build this site to what it is today. I still remember the first thing I did on this site was the screenshot contest and I'd like more of those kinds of events where the community comes together to help get more info :)

Screenshot contest was one of my faves, we should run that again :)

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I have been using Trovesaurus for more than 5 months now! I find Trovesaurus really helpful especially when I need some information about Trove. The database is large and well-organized so I can easily find the information I want. (without Trovesaurus it would have taken me much more time to learn how to ascend a dragon soul (・∀-d))

Also, the frequent art contests are one of the main reasons I use Trovesaurus, too.

The art contests provide Trovians with many opportunities to share their love and interest in Trove! And, above all, they give us Tokens that we can exchange with Trove items, which is really cool (・ω・)b

So my experiences in Trovesaurus has been great so far. I'm enjoying many features and events, such as contests and giveaways, and I expect more of them in the future.

Happy 3rd anniversary Trovesaurus!

I hope everything will go wonderful till the next year! o(>u<)9 Yay!!

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Hello :D

I Heard from TroveSaurus from a friend that told me me the website was givingaway a mount, since then i stayed and participated in many giveaways recently even in contest, i found the website realy usefull and fun, everytime i came here i fond something diferent, theres always a lot of usefull information also i realy enjoy the fact of the community participate on development thro any ways mod's are funny and some very usefull and essential,i hope TroveSaurus keep going in this way and more people may know about the awsome work is done here everyday also i leave here a big thanks for the staff and for everyone who contributes to this community :D

I have 3 young daughters that play Trove and they love the mounts in-game and all the different styles. I originally came here for them for a mount. However, I started coming back to check out the updates, artwork and of course the giveaways are great. I like the community here and appreciate the contributions. Thanks!

The site is amazing. I love the free giveaways and the nice people. I haven't been using it for long but I believe in it and so far its been a good experience. :)

The fact that we get all these amazing free things, the website is soooooo easily accecible and with a cute minecraftsy feel, and by looking back what it used to be a admire the work that has gone into this game, i wish there we're such sites giving back and have contests in other games too!! Keep it up Trovesaurus!!!

I found this site when I was searching for free mounts in trove xD But It's a very useful website I use Trovesaurus for streams , mods, patch notes and the giveaways. Happy 3rd anniversary and thanks for the hard work!

Trovesaurus is an amazing community. I win my first dragon here. In this place we can make new friends, try to creat arts and win giveways. The new trovesaurus's website design is beautiful. Congrats guys and thank you for the hard work!

I found out this game is 3 years old... Well maybe not for Xbox. I actually found this site while researching locations or rare and enchanted fish. I love the Troxel links but some seem to be in need of updating.. Ganda for example... File not found... I love building and I try to keep builds as accurate as possible to honor the creativity of its original designer. I mix stuff up at times but when building a statue or replica they need precision.

I found this from ScythePlays yt channel and I use it for giveaways and checking out the community and mods. I would like to see more people developing amazing mods :)

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I found this site while looking for VFX mods for the candy barbarian

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I found this site while looking for free mounts.

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Congratulations on your 3rd year

Congrats on turning three, and thank you very much for helping to keep the Trove community active and thriving!  ^_^

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Happy anniversary

Found this site while learning how to play Trove and this site have been very useful and the class builds are great too

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I use this website to practice and maintain my art skills :"D

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i found out this site by searching code that given by kind people out there for a newbie like me to use it. fortunately i found this site and it is super duper awsome. thank you for giving this nc oppurtunity to me.


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I found out about this site by looking up questions i had for the game. i use it to learn more about trove and to get better faster. i hope to see the game continue to grow

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I found out about Troveasaurus by looking for the trove wiki on google. Now I use it as a way to try and boost my trove account.

I found this site through a friend that told me about it. I mainly use this site as a research tool to figure out what to do with stuff I find for the first time, or to figure out how I got said stuff. I love this site as it always has the answers I am looking for. Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing!

Leave a comment on this page with how you found out about the site, what you use it for.


Lo encontre por que buscaba informacion sobre los posibles drops y guias de como usar de manera mas eficiente mi clase. Me sirvio de mucha ayuda ! y me quede .

wow  158 likes 

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Awesome site !

Awesome site, I use it to look up items I don't know what they are, class builds, how to do/what are rewards for current events, and so much more!  If I have any questions trovasaurus probably has the answer!  Keep up the awesome work :D

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trovesaurus is a very best guide and always helps in the latest news and contest insists me in playing trove and trovesaurus is the best gamming guide, mod, contest etc. No other games have these featuret .Trove is one of the best voxel , no end game i have ever played in my entire life we can play for our entire life time because of constant updates challenges etc.. THE ONLY THING IS (ITS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!)

i found this site finding trove codes because i need mastery now im mastery 88

I think i found the site when searching for the wiki. it looked cool and I saw free stuff so I continued from there. I mainly use it for mod file info, mod hosting, the giveaways... I can't really think of much to improve on.

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Good morning Good afternoon Good night. Happy birthday, well I met the site through a club that I'm up to, and I've been participating for a long time, even were commenting on the wonderful ones that are the free mounts that you make available here! Q for me is one of the best things on the site. There are also the draws that I think are great, although I have never won any kkkkkkkkkkk. I wish there was a system for donations, to help the site, I do not know if there is such a system, so I'm asking you to add it, anyway, that's it!


We accept information donations on pages, there is a Contributions / Corrections button, and we also use Trovesaurus Gold for financial support.

Joined a few months ago after I started actually playing trove (I had registered when it first came out but never played past level 10 before that), I was searching for some giveaways and ended up in here, it turned out to the go-to site to get information about the game, check news for the game, guides, and all that. I like it a lot, it's really complete and well designed over all, keep up the good work!

Joined quite a while ago, during an old sageosaurus mount code event. Discovered the art section, and fell in love with this site ^ ^ I don't post often but i like to come here and browse all the fan art submitted here and enter any of the events that take my fancy.

When i first found this site, i thought it was just another average fan site for a game. But later discovered it's more of a family-style community than a fan site, a place where we can all gather and share our art, screenshots and stories about Trove.

Although I don't really talk to many people here (I'm shy), I know this site is just filled to the brim with people i call my friends.

One of the best community websites I've ever been a member of ^ ^

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Well first of all, i love this site. I would be extremely happy if you add trading system with the reward tokens (Some may not want that but i am suggesting something that would be really intresting to see in the future.) I also would be happy to see a place in the site where we can donate and help the website grow. I also use it for information and contests.   



You can donate item information on pages, with the Contributions system, and you can donate financially using Trovesaurus Gold.

As for trading tokens, this opens an avenue to abuse that I'm not keen on doing, since people may be tempted to create alts to collect tokens and then trade them to a main account.

Feliz aniversário! Happy Birthday! ^^

Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary.

I learned about this website from my ex when she joined it for a giveaway but I won it instead.


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Happy birthday i have discovery tour site for YouTube Channel trove  expresse


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liked this!

I learned of Trovesaurus via my girlfriend, as I started playing a few months after her and it was one of the main websites she used for info on the game as well as for modding on stuff!

I joined back then (I think ^^') but since I've recently gotten to playing Trove once more I'm hoping to get into modding and participate in all of these awesome looking contests!

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I found out about troveasaurus from someone in game telling me that you can get free mounts. Obviously I checked it out, but troveasurus is a lot more than that. It’s awesome, and has taught me a lot about all aspects of trove. Keep up the good work!

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Got told about Trovesaurus from a friend, I use it for mods mostly and giveaways when they are available.

i just had started playing Trove and was looking to improving my mastery, then found a reference to Sageosaurus somewhere in Trove forums. Came here, got it, made me happy :D Then i started reading the guides, which helped me a lot.

I come here almost everyday to check the news, see the arts from people that enter the contests and of course to see if there is a new giveaway. I come here too when i need some info on items from the database and want someday to learn about modding.

For the future, i just want that you keep the good job you are doing, helping Trovians in a lot of ways. Thanks!

I  found Trovesaurus on google looking for class guides, promo codes, and a wiki. I got exactly what I wanted by coming here and will continue to use this site for the rest of my days :)

I ended up finding Trovesaurus by

Wanting to progress and learn as much as I could about Trove, which in itself can overwhelm a new player as I was at the time.so I Googled the game and there you were!!!

And what a wealth of information Trovasurus was..now it's my go to site for everything Trove,as well as game info- there are tons of contests and giveaways that I enter on a daily basis.. No prizes as of yet,but contests are an added bonus to all else this site has to offer.

I am most definately addicted to trove,it's all I'm thinking about when I am doing anything else in life

this site was the first thing that popped up for mods and ive been using it for utility mods to help improve the game

i was watching two Youtubers, lordfafy and sytheplays and they both showcased this site. sythe showing it had mods to help with grinding and fafy that it had giveaways.

I found this site because I wanted to get some mods. I also saw that there were contests so I decided to try to win stuff, all I won was 1 reward coin.

it was the first thing on google when i searched for waht stats my equipment could have (i used all my tntecles and didn't get the stats i wanned anyway fould out the combination i wanned was imposible) i looked around a bit and now i use it for information every time i am wandering about something and i realy like the server stat monitering have spent way too much time wondering why my game doesn't start befor(ofc the giveawayes are an epic plus too) . so keep up the good work .

liked this!

I found out about this site when I heard about the Sageosaurus. I lurked around the site for quite a while before I decided to start entering in art contests. I love it now, and am regretting not doing so earlier. The community on this site is outstanding, and I wouldn't give it up for a Ganda!

i was looking for free dragons in trove and i find this website.i use it for free stufs in trove.i want to make daily reward sistem in who on 1 week u give to person 2 tokens

[Deleted User]

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i was looking for free trove stuffs and i found it
i don't think there anything else i would like to find in here because it aleardy has it all

I was looking for free mounts and trove giveaways and found the perfect site :)

I first found this site about a week after I started playing trove. My friend told me about fishing guide, stats for gems and gear. I’ve been playing over a year now and still use this site all the time. Site is great has all the info you need.

what I would want from this site, I already get it, quick and accurate information.

what I would suggest, having trion put you on payroll, you do great work you should be compensated adequately. 

Keep up the great work look forward to using the site for many years to come 

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(๑¯∀¯๑) I found this site for information "To Look".

(✧◡✧) Because it has some usefull stuffs.

(ಠᴗಠ) Examples as tools, mods, blueprints, etc...

(σ´∀`)σ  Also u get free chances to enter giveaway for an item.(Need to be member)

(づ。◕ᴗᴗ◕。)づ Thanks to the Trovesaurus for creating this site.

(ヾノ꒪ ̵̢̳̝̟̦̻̱̞͉̬̬̪̰͙̰ཫ꒪)A suggestion:
Can u minimise The likes that would make the main post much visible But make the Likes count still there and put a button to extend to see who liked the "Like".

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I love the site! I found it by googling trove. I use the site to find out what different items are in the game, and also the free giveaways.

One thing I would like to see on the site is a more detailed list of what is going on: like events, quests, and also with twitch so i know who is playing, at what time, and what system. A place on the top that states " Upcoming Events" or something.. Maybe you have something already and I missed it. I think it would be nice if you dont.

I appreciate all you do! Happy Birthday!!!!

Our calendar can be found on the nav menu and the front page of the site, it lists the current and upcoming events. For seasonal events in Trove we regularly post guides thanks to Evilagician.

Also check the nav menu for the Streams section :)

Thank you Etaew and Evilagician!!! That helps alot!


I found out about this site from Googling different items on Trove trying to find out what they did. I typically use Trovesaurus for giveaways and entering contests, as well as looking up new mods. I would love to see more profile pictures! (And giveaways are always welcome, though you guys do a lot of those lol)

Thanks again for running this website, it rocks.

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i found this site becouse i searched up trove give aways


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[ミ☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆彡]⌒ヾ(・ω-。)~♪

I found this site because our good friend Market recomended it to me as a good source of information regarding Trove and in those 3 years it became so much more than it was at the beginning.

I was not new to Trove but I did not know alot about trove, after some time I left the game and deleted it, but I downloaded it again and I watched yt. Learned about Trove.

Then I thought it was more fun, getting stuff, getting better.

And I searched on youtube "Trove" and it said something like "Get free stuff on Trovesaurus".

I were like ._.

So I made an acc and then I noticed its not just that, its much better.

You can see for example on the data base how to craft stuff, theres giveaways, livestreams and more!

And thats how I found Trovesaurus.

I found Trovesaurus while googling for information on Trove.

I'm mainly using it to look up information about patch notes, to download new mods, to check the chaos chest rotations and class builds. I love your giveaways!

What I would love to see in the future is: An update of the information pages. Two examples:

1: In the Eclipse update, the subclass system got introduced. Trovesaurus had a really nice overview of which levels or pr would give which bonusses. However, with the introduction of the Adventures update, the Eclipse part got removed and I have no clue how to navigate to the page with the info on subclasses. I have to google for it.

2: The dragon page: The dragons obtained from dragon souls have the following info listed: "Unlocked through consumption of 50 Moonwing Dragon Souls, earned by opening Moonwing Dragon Caches." But these caches are no longer obtainable (for more than a year?). This is confusing for new players. Info needs an update! Other dragons don't have info at all, for example Aurym: "Crafted using: Dragon Crucible(Dragons)". Well obviously, I can see that when going to the Crucible myself. But it doesn't list any info on where to obtain the dragon egg, which is what I came to the page for! For some dragons when you click on the egg or fragments, it will direct you to a page which tells you how to get them. But for Blocktron for example, it doesn't say anything. I would like to see this guide updated to have more info and be more consistent between the dragons. Make it so that I don't need to go to other pages to see how I can get a dragon and what materials I need for it.


This inconsistency is there in many information pages. I guess because new things get added, and the style of the old information and new information is not the same. For example the List of Biomes page. I'd love for all the biomes to have an image. (and the new biome from the Adventures update didn't get added yet)

I found trovesaurus looking for maintenance downtimes and haven't looked back. I use this site for everything trove related downtimes, maintance, patches, codes, info on characters and classes, absolutely everything. I look forward to seeing more fan art and giveaways as well as continuing to update us on anything that is going on in trove. Happy Trovesaurus

I found this site trying to find a build for my revenent. Nevertheless this site is amazing. I love all of the wonderful user created mods, giveaways and wonderful fan art that the community creates. Happy birthday Trovesaurus! :)

I actually just recently found this site not to long ago scanning Google for some information about something. Found the site to be really helpful. was great to see etaew here been following since I started playing defiance. The ups and downs with trion have been hit and miss but when looking for help o know where to go. Happy anniversary guys .keep it up

liked this!

liked this!

I found this site trying to see how to get a streamer dreamer code (ironic right) and when i found out how much info this cite had and all the giveaways it did i decided to stay and use it more. What id liek to see in the future is more giveaways of course but also more class guides to because i find it hard to find cureent good ones sometimes. Thank you and happy anniversary! 

This site is really nice ^^ no other things to say. Happy Birthday 

liked this!

Happy birthday, good job, good luck with all. 

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hapy bỉthday!!!  

liked this!

hapy bỉthday i just play this game for 8 month and i really like it thank everyone and every thing in trove and about trove 

Happy birthday. I originally found this site because my friend told me to, but I didn't trust him, when I found it though, I loved it! I really like the giveaways and contests and how you can use tokens to redeem other items( I still haven't gotten a single token). Keep up the great work and good luck to everyone going in the giveaway.

Happy Third! I found this page looking for giveaways. Most of the time, I've seen streamers and others giving away stuff in game, this site make giveaways and other useful information look much nicer and more organized. You guys have put a lot of time and work into this and it looks great! Awesome job, here's to another year! Keep up the great work! :D

I found it by the Twitch streamers, and i use it for guides and look about rates of the game. I would like it continues as now because it is perfect! Thanks to you and happy birthday! :)

Happy Bday, i found this page thanks to Twitch streamers, since then i use it always because is very usefull and there are much activities as contest and rewards. :) Thanks a lot!

happy birthday :DDDDDDDDDDD

I found the site looking around for Trove Wiki pages :p 

would be nice if it have more pages with information :D (so keep going, we are going well) :D

encuentro que es una de las mejores paginas de ayuda para trove, me alegra saber de que estan de aniversario a si que a festejar :D

Hi there and happy birthday to the page! I just joined because I was looking for some info on trove (I started playing a day or two ago) and found out about this, so decided to join and participate on this.

Keep it up, from what i've seen this page is going just great!

liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

Trovesaurus is the best trove giveaway sote but... Very few people who use consoles to win almost always win only users from the PC

More people from PC enter giveaways, if more people from consoles signed up, there would be more people from consoles winning.

The giveaway draw system doesn't distinguish between players from PC or consoles.

Great 3rd year for you guys! I actually only started playing 5 days ago, and I'm really enjoying trove so I do all my research here. (actually i only made an account today because i didn't need one till i realised i could get codes; seriously this is such a great community) Hope to have more years here!

Happy Birthday!!! as of 12/03/17 I just started playing trove. This game has so much content locked and secrets I started doing research on the game (lore,costumes,attributes etc). One night I searched for redeemable codes and this site popped up. I saw a section that said promotion and after I interacted, I had 3 new skins and some random items on console (ps4).

Now i use the site for just about everything. You can follow devs, enter contest and learn about the content. Regular sites with info is ok but sites with actual giveaways and player created content is what brings me back. I just started using the site so more feedback will be available at another time.

liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

I found this fantastic page looking for some trove promo codes but now I totally love it because it has giveaways codes and so much more

I didn't know this site exsisted until a month ago, but boy did it help me out lot! With this I can find mods (That I can't use bc i'm a console player, lol), Class guides, free stuff! (Thx, btw), and so much more! The fact that I can ask a question and get a response in about 5 minutes really helps in times of need. The only bad thing I can find in this site is that images will often not show on my screen. other than that one thing, good work and keep it up!

liked this!

I found the site looking around for Trove Wiki pages that didn't exist. The giveaways are cool, and the art contests (no matter how bad I am at them) are quite fun. I mainly participate in the former, though I did one of the latter and hope to do more in the future. Personally, I like how the site is run, and wouldn't mind if it stayed this way for a while, though slightly more information on the item pages would be nice (such as how to obtain, for example).

Happy Birthday Trovesaurus!

liked this!

New to Trove and Troveasauras has been a godsend in this seemingly uncomplicated yet very complicated game :)

Happy Birthday Trovesaurus!

I found this site just a short time after finding Trove about a week ago. I was looking up guides and this site popped up a lot.

Mostly I use it right now just to find what drops where and how, but I hope to make use of the more complex guides once I get more used to the game.

Happy B-Day to Trovesaurus! 


I've been hanging around this site since Rift/Defiance (defiancedata.com) so a natural progression to Trovesaurus was imminent when I started playing Trove.

Happy birthday trovesaurus!

I found out about Trovesaurus from people participating in the giveaways on here! I've been in quite a few myself now, and have won quite a few things already, so I really, really love that Trovesaurus hosts them! I also use Trovesaurus to stat my characters properly. Kukui's guide is really good for that! I wouldn't mind seeing more building competitions, especially now that I'm getting into the Architect scene myself. :-) Happy birthday, Trovesaurus!

Happy birthday!

Maybe I haven’t been around long enough to notice any but I would love to see some build contests! I’m terrible at art and don’t like modding.  It would be really cool to have limited time building contests where people must build stuff from scratch. 

liked this!

I discovered this site while looking around for guides on trove when I was a wee nub. Today I now use this site for guides on classes for their best 'perfect' setups, and not only that but its nice to come on this site and see whats new and keep up on the servers and various giveaways. Its also neat to go around and see what Clubs look like and such. If a newbie asks for help I tend to link them Trovesaurus as this seems to be the best place to get help making setup for certian classes.

Thanks for 3 Years!

I was searching for Trove promo codes and i have found this website. I singed up and started making stuff and looking at art. I enjoy this website ! Happy Birthday Trovesaurus !!!






happy birthday TROVE :)


liked this!

i found this site not to long ago. i was looking at trove mods now i use it for all thing trove thank you guys for a great info and mod site. :)

liked this!

I found this website when I was researching some info on some of the mounts and allies (this was 2+ years ago). Ever since I use this site whenever I want some more info on trove news (may it be new mounts or just a new update). I love the giveaways of course (who doesnt love the chance to get something for free). And what I would like to see from you in the future is a bit more details on the pages like the mounts, allies and mag riders, for example how to get them. Furthermore this is a fantastic site for a fantastic game, keep up the great work.

Happy 3rd Trovesaurus anniversary <3

This is a realy useful webpage. I use it every time, I have some questions in the game!

And of course there are cool giveaways :D

I came across Trovesaurus because I was looking for Chaos Chest Rotation.

And then I became permanently, a large amount of information, a large number of guides, a decent community and all this on one page.
Free items for players to help them get everything, competitions and more.
In addition to objects, there are still people, art, database, guides, modes and more.
Admins and moderators who are great.
These things make the Trovesaurus is great.
Everything is great.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Trovesaurus! More successes and more players who will visit the site!

So, firstable I started to see in this page when TeeKayM Created Sageosaurus mount! ^^.

And it was fantastic because I was a new player in Trove and also in this page!. So after that I started to see what the page had, and I saw wonderful things in this page and I like it!

So I started to login here and after that I was interested about how to make a good SH build DPS and I saw that there was a lot of opinions about how to make it, for that right now I have a good SH build dps, if i didn't found this page, I wouldn't have a good SH! And thats not all ^^.

This page have a lot of things #-# it have Giveaways, Databases, Opinions about the game, news, etc. ^^ it's the most pare fan in trove that I have never se en before! I really like it! Ty all designers of this page ^^.


liked this!

liked this!

Learned about it while watching the TrionWorlds stream they do on fridays.

I have been around since beta, and enjoyed your giveaways as well as the information provided.

My hopes is to you continue this trend of evolving further.

As the best trove site around I hope the best for the team!

Have a lovely holiday season to go with the anniversary ^ ^

i found the site while looking for guides on fast ways to level and power grind. the site overall is a huge help to any one playing trove i often use the class builds tab to help figure out what to grind for characters and it also helps keep me up to date with the trove news. the giveaways are alos a hughe help with getting my mastery a higher level even though im a pretty new player. the only problem i have is the mods section being PC only because most of the mods are really cool and helpful if there was a way to get the developers to implement a option (kind of like fallout did) on console versions of trove to be able to use certain mods too that would be great.cant wait to see what trovesaurus has in store for all of us in the future.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Trovesaurus!!! I found out about this website when I heard about the giveaways and free rewards you could get, pretty neat :)

Merveilleux, déjà le 3eme anniversaire!

C'est très simple j'ai découvert trovesaurus quand je cherchait de giveaway de mount pour trouve et depuis je l'utilise pour les giveaway, quand j'ai besoins dinfo sur des quêtes in-game et pour les actualité troviennes.

Desoler mais a part des giveaway de mount ultra rare ou que l'on ne peut plus obtenir je ne vois rien a ajouter.

Merveilleux site continuer comme ca#

Happy 3rd birthday trovesaurus we are greatfull for everything you have given us hope you have a wonderfully great year next to come 

I found out about the site when someone in-game mentioned there was a neat dino wearing a top hat. The main draws personally are the event guides, mod hosting, and item information, though the giveaways are certainly nice as well. Don't really have any requests for the future. Just keep being awesome, Trovesaurus.

Happy birthday Trovesaurus!


Please add tutorials that go deep in to the tiny aspects of the game, for people who are already over a couple of K power rank and want to know how to progress further efficiently. I really need it myself as well (-:

liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

Me too I found it whilst looking for a wiki and I use it mostly for free stuff but also enjoy looking at the art.

I found this site randomly searching for Trove promo codes. I entered and i have made an account.

I began to post art and join giveaways. Happy Birthday Trovesaurus !!!

liked this!

I found this site while looking for a wiki, and, im gonna admit, free items, and use it to regularly check stuff and join giveaways. :D

liked this!

liked this!

When i created my account i didn't knew anything about the game so one of my friends told me about this site so i entered.I founded all of my question's answears beacause of that

I want to thank you guys for helping me with alot of things. :)

I was new to Trove and It was love at first sight but I didn't really know what people in the game we're talking about when they were mentioning dragon souls and events and stuff. I was really confused so I went online to try and find answers to all my questions about Trove, Surely enough I came across Trovesaurus. Once I got onto Trovesaurus I was astonished at how many of my questions you have answered, I knew more about trove in twenty minutes on Trovesaurus than I did from playing Trove for a week. I now use Trovesaurus for routine event checking and contest/giveaway entering. I would like to see Trovesaurus stay the way you are and keep doing what you are doing because you know what they say, Don't mess with perfection.

I found the site from 'new trove korea' 

I mostly use the site for finding information about the classes, guides about... anything, mods, and the giveaways/contests!

I found that many of the guides were well written and relativly accurate. 

I'd like to see some guides on clubs, club exp, best ways to get clubits ect.

I'd also like to know if the site has a mysterious rules or important information page... (cos, I haven't seen anything like it so far...)

And the guide for returning players was a lifesaver to help figure out the solution to the 'what on earth has happened?!?!' question.

Keep up the Good Work!

Someone in trove told me about it and I use it for information and give aways. It is awesome. It definitely needs an app with notifications and everything. Keep up the good work.  : )

I found the site from 'trove wiki' (on the clubs page.)

I mostly use the site for finding information about the classes, guides about... anything, mods, and the giveaways/contests! (the items really helped!)

I found that many of the guides were well written and relativly accurate. (Mostly due to changes in the game by trion.)

I'd like to see some guides on clubs, club exp, best ways to get clubits ect.

I'd also like to know if the site has a mysterious rules or important information page... (cos, I haven't seen anything like it so far...)

And the guide for returning players was a lifesaver to help figure out the solution to the 'what on earth has happened?!?!' question.

Keep up the Good Work!

I found this site at first watching scythe plays but then I examined it more and it gave me some tips and information. My revenant is now 9164 from 0 in just weeks because of these tips. I also love the giveways though I never won :) overall I love this website and it is the best for trove.


I first found this website on my first week of Trove and I wanted to see how gems worked and what they did, I then found this website after a while and saw plenty  of other guides so I used it whenever I needed to know something about the game and even told some of my friends about it. Good to see this website grow, keep up the great work!

liked this!

I wasn't doing very good and didn't know much about the game then I found this website and it has given me many usefull tips and trick about the game and how to set up some characters. I am very happy I came across this website and. I hope you keep up the good work! 

liked this!

I️ found out about this site from a friend and I️ love it I️ use it for all my trove needs. I️ hope this site has a app in the future 

Searching for a dragon guide led me to this website and now I'm building the most expensive dragon: Fulguras! Now I use it for the giveaways and guides so that I can build my classes better. I think it'd be helpful to put a timestamp on the search results so that we can see how old the post it and check whether if it is still valid or not.

I found this website from a giveaway, and I personally love this website, and use it for news, wiki, and giveaways. I'd like to see easier item-search, because one time, I could not find the page for Eye of Q'bthulhu, it took some time to actually reach the page.

That's a valid request, the ' in the item name messes things up. I'll add to the task list to handle matches when people leave that out.

Oh wow, 3 years already! I found out the site back when Trove was still in beta, it was because of a giveaway of the Lunar Ronin... Even though I don't play Trove that much anymore (laaag), I still use the site to catch up on updates, and maybe find something that will interest me to go play again (well that and I update a guide here from time to time).

The site already implemented Dark mode so I'm happy (or maybe cleaning up the tags at 'Guides' section bc there are some duplicates).

Most of my classes' costumes are from the giveaways of this site so I'll always be grateful for that lol. Here's to another year and happy birthday Trovesaurus!

P.S. I love this page, it's a great help for inactive players

[Deleted User]

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Félicitations pour ses 3 années ,toujours au top !


I love Trovesaurus!

We can find a lot of information, wich helped me many times :')

Also, many mods very cool & helpful (dragon fragment yeaaah OxO)


Thanks to Etaew, Dusty_Mustard, the whole community and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROVESAURUS!




I Found the site when i was looking for mods and in this website there is a lot of good mods 

I love This website ans I learn a lot of info in this game. 

Found the site when I was looking for mods

still use it for mods among the giveaways (which I like alot) and sometimes getting info about the game.


i found out about this site when i was looking for trove codes xd

i like this site becasue of the contests and how interactive this site is :D

я нашол этот сайт когда искал промо маунтов сайт мне очень нравится я скачиваю моды участвую в конкурсах . я хотел бы в будущем увидеть на сайте больше модов промо акций людей чтобы сайт всегда процвитал

liked this!

Thanks a lot for free mount >3<

I'm not always on this site and I've been inactive for a little while but now I'm back. I love this site! I found it while I was searching up ways to draw art and somehow I found Trovesaurus and I was led into it and interested by the contests, and news, and I already played Trove so I got pretty into this! This site is the only motivation and inspiration I get to draw something, because I am pretty bad at figuring out what to draw so I use this site for learning how to draw and improving my art. In the future I would definitaly like to see more ways users can interact with eachother, like a social media page such as twitter. That could be interesting. Keep up the good work!


I heard of this site on global chat ( Xbox one ) and since I put a good amount of hours in on the game daily I hear and see a lot of stuff in global chat lol, I also heard about it on the Trove live stream where the dev team mentioned it so I thought I’d check it out and I’m glad I did, I can see myself becoming a long time user, please keep up the hard work!

I found this website when I was searching for a way to make UI of Trove better, and lo and behold! Mods. Since then I've been using the website to keep track of news for the game since I generally don't have a lot of time to play nowadays.

I found this site when i was searching how you get corgi talismans (which is by random chance in adventure worlds or for market...) and this was the top result. I like look at recipes here because i don't need to 1. have some random crafting station and 2. its all nice and tidy. I just want this site to keep being up dated and being neat thats all. Happy 3rd Year of Existing!!! :3

liked this!

Inicialmente eu só visitava o Trovesaurus pelas mounts e giveway , porém , agora eu fico a maior parte do tempo em forum e em discussoes , com a comunidade , que é incrivel !

I love this site, you get free stuff, and that's always good, but most importantly you get to take a peek on upcoming mods :D You did a great job guys <3


liked this!

liked this!

I found about this site when i asked my friends about where i get mods and free mounts then they recommended me to trovesaurus. I usually come here to look for new mods, there are new mods like everyday and i cant thank you guys enough. I would like too see some new stuff like a friend list system soon. Thank you and congratulations!

liked this!

liked this!

I found out about it from the internet I was trying to get some free Mounts and this site gives me some 

I fouund out about trovesuaras in february of 2017 when i was trying to learn more about trove and have been using the site to stay up to date with updates and changes to the game. i would like to see more in depth game guides in the future

is it really already 3 years?. wow, i just joined like half year ago i guess?. okay, how should i start this. just wow, i don't know. lol. i wish this site could stay more longer, and became cooler. i hope there's not a problem on handling this site, keep it up. and, yeah. just that hehe.

I found this site from Trove community,I mostly came to this site just for participating the event/giveaway. 

I was searching free codes, because I was in begin and I didn't have any item. For luck, I found that site. I gained the items and I discovered the best site to learn about the game.

I discovered Trovesaurus while searching for tips on earning mastery. While reading I noticed some items to claim on the right hand side of the page and that peaked my interest. After claiming them I realized there were interesting contests. I started digging through those to see what I could do. I started visiting Trovesaurus nearly every day to look for new giveaways and contests. I also frequently check the news. I would love to keep seeing the giveaways and contests in the future. They keep me coming back for more. 

I found this site from my favorite Trove youtuber. I had watched him for so long but I had not played Trove myself due to not having a computer. When I finally got a computer I instantly downloaded Trove and fell in love with the game. Then I remembered about this site. This site helped me improve in-game, giving me a free Sagetorious mount and a couple other promo codes. Aswell as giving me cool different looks to the game (mods). Also the guides really helped improve my in-game experience (farming, etc.). I started playing Trove back in late 2015 or so and have been using this site ever since. I was there for the 1yr aniversary, 2yr aniversary and I'm happy to be here for the 3-year aniversary! I cannot thank this site and its developers enough for helping me on Trove. 

Happy 3 Years!

Keep going! :) 

liked this!

Srsly guys, where else you can find a goddamn classy dinosaur for free? I like the way you treat your community. Keep it up, the way you are doing it is realy unique!

Started playing Trove for less than a week, and I have had a lot of fun. While I was looking for guides/ wiki, I found Trovesaurus. This site has been very helpful. I learned a lot, e.g. gems/ class stats/ all sort of things. One thing I would really want from Trovesaurus is an iOS/ Android app for us to have an easier and more polished way to use Trovesaurus through other devices.

Please keep up the good work, and Happy Birthday!

I found this site through google while looking for a wiki page, and well, I mostly use this site to find out more info on events, to participate in contests and giveaways but otherwise not much else. I hope to see this site grow and improve more though! I really enjoy this site.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!! no drinking now your way under age! Love how helpfull everything in here is! such a wonderful site!

I actually had a habit of checking out wikis and I came across Trovesaurus when I wanted to check out some class builds. Really helpful, I've got to say that. Plus, I really loved the free promotion mounts! ^_^ I want this website to grow even more and more so that people should be exposed to this website easily! Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Trovesaurus Fighting! :D 

found on google and got the raptor free mount and use it weekly since to check rotations, events, and crafting guides and such. better then any wiki out there. my first come to for anything trove related

liked this!

I found it looking for mounts

I first found out about Trovesaurus when I was looking for a Trove Wiki and somehow ended up here. It was a bit of a help as a Wiki but the Contest and the Gallary where a bit funny to look threw and I preciate what you guys are doing here.

Happy 3rd anniversary :D

I started to play trove a few months ago (July), and before, i never had heard about this game. While playing, i had many doubts about many things, and i found this to help me. Im often participating in the giveaways, but i never gained anything (I never lose hope). Finally, this is what i have to say: Happy 3rd anniversary ;3


-I dont speak english. Sorry if my grammar is not good ;-;

liked this!

I found Trovesaurus a few months ago when I become curious about mods and instantly fell in love. I mean, who wouldn't like free stuff? :) I'm constantly on this site to check class build guides and to enter giveaways even if I haven't won any yet... I won't give up... Overall, this is the first place I'll go if I need help with anything about Trove. Happy 3rd Anniversary! \(^o^)/

liked this!

liked this!

I found Trovesaurus from club mates.

Congrats on the 3 Year Anniversary!

I found trovesaurus when i was searching for free mounts and then boom! 

its the best site to find anything you need mods/staff/events anything 

i use it regularly to find mods and stuff

so thanks for an amazing site !(also thanks for the giveaways even tho i havent won one yet :(.. )

liked this!

liked this!

My brother told me
There is a free ride

Hope to see everyone happy ... just fine

liked this!

I first found out about trovesauras when i was on there twitter and discovered they were giving away the sageosaurs mount (thank you) and i made a few looks onto the pages of what events were on and i was shocked to see such amouns of details for everything really! To this day i check every 1-2 days to check any news that' happening for the optimim preparations for an event or something changing! Thanks for providing your services for what you do! Congrats on 3 years! And maymay RNG be with you!

I found out about trovesaurus when i was searching cb builds :')

i found trovesaurus from my friend , he was telling about website who make a lot of giveaway for trove, so i check it out and love it very much. The user interface is very good and easy to use, now i always use it to check about giveaway everyday and reading the patch or update on trove. I hope trovesaurus will get more viewer everyday make more giveaway and ofcourse make me a winner XD

Thanks Trovesaurus for all these 3 years
Love it

Came for the site mount and stayed for all the different various good info and teasing giveaways lol

Found out about trovesaurus when I was looking up hotfixs/ updates wen it first hit console and then I just fell in love with tr detail and brake down of certain things it’s great and you guys do an amazing job and the giveaways are great as well for the future I’d like to see the same work u guys do. Now cuz it’s great! 

I first found out about Trovesaurus when I saw in game 2 years ago someone using the Sageosaurus mount, I asked him where he got it from, he told me about Trovesaurus, I went looking and I started using the website, and I still do, 2 years later ^^ I mainly use it to be quickly informed about the new stuff coming to trove and the new hotfixes ^^' It's really helpful to have a website which relays information about trove right when it's announced ^^ Thanks a lot, you guys are doing a great job ! As for what I'd like to see in the future, well... I don't have any ideas really, I think you are already fulfilling all my needs for Trove outside the game itself, and you are making the community do stuff (with contests and all), creating art and mods, and it's really great ! I'd just like for you guys to keep managing this great website the way you already do, and keep making the community be creative and if you find something you think would improve the website, to add it to it ^^

Thanks for the great job you are making, and Happy birthday Trovesaurus !

I found about trovesaurous from other streamers and club mates :)

liked this!

I found out about Trovesaurus from looking online for stuff about the Revenant. Ya know, tips, tricks, costumes, and overall details about the character. Specifically what battle banner I should've used for him (as earlier I unboxed a pristine tank banner and when I checked for which class it would fit best. Rev came up.) And after I checked the website out, I was hooked. I was able to get a bunch of free stuff (mounts,) join in art competitions, see specific details about new updates. I guess from the future of the website I'd like to see a tad more rewards for getting a badge. As it'd incentivize a reason to get said badge. Thanks, Trovesaurus, you've really helped me out the past couple of months. 

I found out about Trovesaurus a little after the Xbox One launch of the game. The clan I joined told me about how they got a free mount from this site so I came on over and made a account. To be completely frank I use the site for the giveaways. I haven't been using it as of late but I just started up again a little over a week ago. As for the future, I am unsure other than I would like to see the site continue to thrive and for more good things to everyone on the site. xD


Edit: Oh yeah. Congrats on the 3 Year Anniversery!!!! 

Congrats on the 3 year anniversary,I found this site randomly when I was looking for trove related guides and information about items when I was still new to Trove, and I decided to join the community. Nowadays I use it for guides, posting art and mods. In the future I would like to see more modding contests and maybe some building contests to encourage other types of craft. Hopefully the community stays strong and good luck for the future.

 Keep grinding

I found the site thanks to some very helpful people when I started playing a little over a year ago. I use the site to learn about different builds and where to find items such as ores etc. More recently I've been using it to keep up to date on market prices, giveaways, and mods. 

What I would like to see change well isn't much. maybe better builds for classes/item combos etc that would maximize survival and attack. I'm currently working on all available classes and trying to get them geared to top but keeping all the nessecary knowledge in my head isn't possible so having a more extensive database would be helpful. 

Thanks for this great year. I Hope to be around for another year. also we almost share the same birthday. mine is on the 3rd of this month haha. 

I found the site around july 2015 but never made an account until 2017 (this year) and i have always wanted there to be a section where we could "complain" to the devs about things that make no sence. EX: WHY CANT YOU (easily) MOD TROVE ON A MAC! or... HOW DO YOU MAKE A MOD IN GENERAL.  so devs:




4. (dont make the game super pay to win)

5. (give everyone free 100000 flux)

6. thank you for making this fabulouse game!


   -Kimstar (ign is also KimStar)

and also

7. make it so that the market DOESN'T accept pentaforged shadow souls

8. make it so that the market is balanced

9. make flux (i know this is overboard) EVEN EASIER TO GET!! (without using money)


Feedback to the devs should be on the official forums, it wouldn't make sense for there to be a section for that on a fan site.

I found the site sometime in June this year, when I was looking for a fan-made site to submit my fanart. Trovesaurus (In my eyes) was exactly was what I was looking for, and I use it the exact same way to this day. The thing that I would like to see on Trovesaurus in future is for the community to grow and flourish, and so making the experience on the site even more unique and exceptional. 

Happy Anniversary Trovesaurus!

liked this!

Found out about this while looking up SH builds, stuck around for the giveaways, news, and the database is so easy to uss youd be nuts not to use it

I'm so happy I found this community, I found this a while back in april while searching for a neon ninja setup (Which I still haven't gotten to 10K. lazy, I know). I use this website for guides, news and those sweet, sweet giveaways. This site always keeps me updated on trove news and I couldn't be more thankful. All I want you guys to do is keep up with trove news and keep up with them giveaways, although I probably wont win :P.

liked this!

Trovesaurus has been an amazing resource of information on game data as well as updates, player tips and a fantastic community of gamers working together. I first found trovesaurus when researching the permanent dragons buffs to decide which dragon to craft first. 30 dragons later i still use trovesaurus on a daily basis! A massive thanks to Etaew and all the other people that put in so much time and effort to create this amazing community. Happy Birthday Trovesaurus!

I found out about this website because my friend told me about the sky shark contest. I just had to have one. XD And after that I fell in love with this place. I get to draw, do contests, and look up information it really is useful and fun. 

  Thank you people of Trovesaurus and have an amazing 4th year!!! :D

I've found about this site when it gave sageosourus for the 2nd time.I've been in most of the giveaways since then.I also use this site as a wiki and to see the event chains.I think you guys should make different type of events,not just art.Like in-game building contests,or even live giveaways.I think you guys should make a club too.All in all,you guys did a pretty good job and I'd like to see more activity from you guys.

I actually quite recently found troveseaurus.com only a few days ago in fact. It all stemmed from a simple google search checking out some trove fan art, mostly for the many contests on the site. Although I haven't been here long, happy to have made it for this big momment.

I am in contact with this game for about three months. Although I do not know many of you, I am grateful to those in this community who love my paintings, and those who give me the gift code.
Although friends who play games with me have left,
Your support and encouragement for me is a motivation for supporting me in this game.
This is of great significance to me. I really appreciate your acceptance of me.


Happy anniversary saurians! Its been a fantastic year and great to see the communities grow and engage and cant wait to see how it fares for the future. *throws primal grey confetti*

I found this website when i was trying to build a class,I use trovesaurus for build,guides and mods,In the future I hope for more update about trove,


Happy 3 years anniversary:D

i joined this site because it adds another layer to the trove community away from all the grinding and fighting.

I like it because it gives you the opportunity to share how you feel about trove through art or posts or even giveaway! lets hope for another and more 3 great years to come!

I found this website when I started playing trove, because I was looking for guides and tips for the game, and since then I visited the site almost every day because it has a lot of content about Trove, always updated, contains weekly giveaways and mods. For the future, I just hope that you continue the good work you have done in the last three years.

Thank you and congratulations for the 3 year anniversary.

I have found this site because I wanted to find more information about Trove. I use this site to learn about new hotfixes, patches and contests. I hope to see something like in-game challenges for users. I am really happy that this site exist. Happy birthday!!!

liked this!

I joined this site because i love being a part of the trove community, also when i heard there were different contest i could participate in it made it even better. I will be using this site for all the many anniversarys to come, thanks Trovesaurus!


I've been here for over a year, and i first joined when i heard there were promo mounts and giveaways, and i got my first non sebastian mount here too. Other than giveaways, i've used this place to learn about some stuff. I'm really glad this website exists and i hope it will continue getting better.

liked this!

Came across the site while I was looking for what was in Chaos Chest rotation, I've been using it for giveaways and to catch up on the latest Trove news, events etc. not sure there's anything else that needs to be added to this site, it's great for what I use it for already ^^

I joined because of my favorite streamer Aynatanya. She puts up links like that every so often, and if it wasnt for her, i wouldnt have known about this.

I first found this website when I was searching for a way to install mods, I used to use this website to see the new mods but now mostly I open this website to join giveaways.

To be honest i love to watch fan arts, so what I wanna see in the future is more fan art contests.

Thank you :) .

I joined this site a while back and i use this site for all my info on trove i didn't know about the contests until resent so trovesaurus I (Thank You).

:D happy 3rd anniversary

I joined this site when I heard there were giveaways. I use it as a database and giveaways. I would like to see more giveaways.

I have used this site for around 5-6 months and I'm very impressed how good is it.First i made my account on Trovesaurus just for the giveaways, but soon I realized it was way too much than that.Now i enter Trovesaurus every day to check items, giveaways and sometimes looking for good art.

                                                                                      Keep up the good work, Trovesaurus!

Bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite. Feliz aniversaurus \o/ Bem, conheci o site através de um club q estou até hj, e participo já a um bom tempo, inclusive estavam comentando a respeito das maravilhosas q são as montarias grátis q vcs disponibilizam aqui! Q pra mim é uma das melhores coisas do site. Também tem os sorteios q eu acho ótimo, embora nunca tenha ganhado nenhum kkkkkkkkkkk. Gostaria que houvesse um sistema para doações, para ajudar o site, n sei se existe tal sistema, por isso estou pedindo para acrescenta-lo, enfim, é isso!

I actually found this site waaaaaaay back when I first started playing Trove, despite me only recently setting up an account. Since then, Trovesaurus and Trove have been there for me through thick and thin, proving to be a very nice constant in my life, and a source of positivity when life gets bleak!

liked this!

I found out about Trovesaurus from my sisters. My favorite part is the giveaways! I mean who doesn't love free mounts? lol. I think you guys should add where to find certain things in Trove to your site, especially dragons, dragon eggs, ect. Love you guys!!!!

I use the site almost every day, since I found it (looking for some item in Trove, I suppose). It was few months ago, and when I saw that I have a chance to win something for the game in here I was so excited! For the future? Keep up the good work, so all of us can be one big happy Trovian family! :D

I found the web 2 years ago (aprox) cause i was finding info about some items and i found it! I use a lot this web, awesome contest, giveaways, info and more. And i want to see in Trovesaurus... real costume contest!! or cosplay contest! :D

Im not really sure how to do the Feedback Contest, so ill just post it here!


I found out about this website when I was trying to find good Trove related sites for ways to see the things that I need for my Trove animated series I am planning. This site has helped me out alot! Im getting some things in one of my favorite games, I get to do things with one of my favorite communities, and this site has helped me get Alot better at art! Thank you for making this site and I hope I can become a more well-known person here!


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