3 Years of Trovesaurus

December 1, 2017 | Etaew | 4,522

Trovesaurus turns 3 years old today, thanks for being a part of this community. Check out some stats, a list of changes, and what we're doing to celebrate.

Thanks to SkyTheVirus for the above image.


Thanks to Evilagician for the above render.

What is Trovesaurus?

Trovesaurus is a player run fan site, we are not affiliated with Trion and is solely coded by Etaew, although others have assisted in the running and creating content over the years.

The site was started as a way to view recipe and item information during Alpha, early on the name was TroveDB and then Market came up with Trovesaurus, it took a while to grow on me. The site really took off when Dusty_Mustard worked with me to add the Mods index. Now we regularly host art contests and giveaways.

On our first anniversary TeeKayM created the Sageosaurus for us.

Trovesaurus still remains the primary site which can read the Trove client files and fill the database, we use this knowledge to help generate the files needed to support Translation mods.

For our second anniversary Evilagician made us this cake!

What have we done this year?

Year in Stats

Stats for the period of December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017

  • Website: 913,354 users over 2,663,976 sessions visiting 10,832,796 pages
  • Giveaways: 101 giveaways run, and 3,362 prizes distributed with 162,187 total entries
  • Art: 47 contests, and 2,561 art submitted
  • Mods: 1,293 submitted
  • Reward Tokens: 1,747 token rewards were distributed to 477 users
  • Database Updates: 13


Thanks to Swiftnightshadow for the above image.

How are we celebrating?

Comment Contest

I'm interested in hearing from you guys about your experiences with Trovesaurus.


  • Leave a comment on this page with how you found out about the site, what you use it for, and what you would like to see from us in the future.


  • We are celebrating from Friday, December 1, 2017 to Friday, December 15, 2017


  • I'll be picking 40 on-topic commenters at random to receive an The Streamer Dream code at the end of the event.


  1. aldrin27
  2. skizo
  3. ClapTrapObama
  4. chocospoon
  5. Frost_king3
  6. technomancer99
  7. Sqwazzer
  8. KittyDetroyer2000
  9. Trovegiveway
  10. SporeCreature
  11. _Shirayuki_
  12. Lokanc
  13. CannibalKyne
  14. Shirokiri
  15. X ladymaniac X
  16. Rebsothoth
  17. Guede-60700
  18. Kovoura
  19. david5000000
  20. GalaxyGem
  21. Sir_durpsalot
  22. TankyTanky
  23. ClaryKitty
  24. Hackercho
  25. GhostsProne115
  26. Anywhere
  27. rickybobbler
  28. JESGA
  29. IGN: online01234567891
  31. TomNoble
  32. pixelhax
  33. MichaelDragonHeart
  34. kagroffthe2nd
  35. D13511
  36. pokemon008
  37. Eisenman
  38. Klamer
  39. Eogh
  40. ETheB06

Llama Escape Giveaway

The majority of our remaining Llama vault are escaping, join the giveaway for a good chance at one!

To celebrate our third anniversary we're releasing our remaining herd of llamas all 418 of them. Sign up for a chance to win Scary Mary, Kami Llami, Anachronistic Antoine. Changeling Channing and Fiery Kiely YAMAS!

Art Contest

To celebrate the sites third anniversary, we are hosting an art contest. Draw Trovian characters attending a party for the Sageosaurus so he isn't lonely.


MagicMate Lautaro304 Talita KrampusChain151 Aynat AvZytb koyaro Promasteer pixelhax ShadowFoxtrot MakoyAdo JerarFernandes BragaGamer Enqq pokemon008 Zorarach SoulSpeed Crow714 Yoshi2001 Anoki Shinokami007 Zabrisk KissUrBabe jewbmx WheezingMuffin9 pix3lm4n boss789 Laghire CrsHandsomeK InfantryFloyd AdulasAKAcebula fladefla AstralWraith silvinha22 kagroffthe2nd Nil_Linx Sir420Yoshii Dusk_Kniight God_master MAXIMPACTBR Louka WarMachine777cc Linkbg KitsumeIG Kelvino2004 SexyKid Pavan260 MRTitan ShawnSaxhleel X ladymaniac X lusterofgem TheFur10s Zurako MrLalaf technomancer99 whosHazardz Curza Xanex AxeMasterX aldrin27 NASTUBOSS The_Rogue_Prototype Devil_Ice_Dragon RetardedTurtle Toubsh obonzaoplayer 719matmat seahawks1466 NatsuDragneelNinja Etienne5723 Vlw_e_Flw_ Etherbl maxgamer86 SMeijers ShadowPVP974 no1btch aguslax Wyvern_Mihail GamerX0V3 Mertol Paixkri KornNER Xx_DUCK_xX Dragnir04 Tr0vi4n GalaxyGem Pie_is_tasty_9 CannibalKyne Zombie_Hunter NopeZone75 GamerXV1 dustystorm DarkWatch9702 jtwebhomer Scairkrow playman26cz Pacman32 luy_vid milkbot200 InsaneD Did it feel good WasHaze Oops Prime Timboy2003 DellMafia Emeraudia TankyTanky patitooP Kamoflaged ZapertyHD PvZ Goose Drsteel3000 Capt_pedestrian vanguarrd Xx420cloudxX BlueEyeLeaucistic MiniMATRIX Ssschah PureToasty Bladedwaves TJSlipperman Coldi QuestionNumber1 Swiftnightshadow maxeros Pedro_Luckas VenomAK Hackercho Sixez legolasie1 Tore2513 adriraulgta epicfailman666 MrLonely330 david5000000 MAgamingPro IGN: online01234567891 GabiHard mrWasabi Danix99ITA tony55200 ClaryKitty AWESOMEWINNER Guede-60700 FerreiraoDaMassa skizo CDM135 Pootisthere Klamer Bdog287 VKPButcher _mike_ MistFallon DrNinja HAATAAAWWWWW ZeonXSan123 mynameisacowpun QroNek Tevako gamestrqfs ZekKy Vladisliev Exorack swordsman10000000 AlexDeluxe Anahiko Rebsothoth matthew2837 TitaniumTitan BlindGhost Millyarde Anywhere NetherFlame Jay21 Donkeyz GoldenGames Atlas0416 snakofb829 ZeroInfinitum Maveh jrgex DoritosMilGrau Azurize tab9999 Masternoob25 Enderman190 Kovoura sinopha


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