Radiant Skyshark Highlights

Posted November 3, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 694 times.

Thanks for taking part in our Radiant Skyshark Art and Colouring contests, those participating have been rewarded by Ainogommon (PC) during the contest. This post is to highlight some noteworth entries with comments from Aino.

We’re rising, we’re falling,We’ll make it through~We’re climbing, we’re soaring,A thousand views~

I thought this was cute, and good use of composition.

Doesn't mean to join the challenge, just trying to practice how to shade better

I like the colouring and background, gives a warm feeling.

Decided to try my luck! Took around 4-5 hours I would say?

I like the colouring and the posing for this one.

I'm really bad at coloring. so let do animation then>w<b

Animated? Sure why not, creative cycle.

Click the link above to see the animated version

hello to everyone, I hope you appreciate this artwork, please I ask you not to use this illustration without permission

Colouring is really good for this.

It leaves a trail of stars wherever it goes..

Great piece of work, everything feels dynamic and lively, love it <3

the skyshark (*ゝ∀・)v

This is cute, but also pleasing colours.

Made with the crayon tool in paint tool sai~

I like the body structure and posing.

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