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Posted October 17, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 568 times.

Thanks for taking part in our birthday celebration for Talita (PC) . Here are the results.


First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who joined this contest and Etaew. You all made me so happy every time one of these amazing art came on trovesaurus twitter feed. It was like a "2 weeks birthday with gifts every day" and you gotta admit that is awesome.


  1. Made my heart jump
  2. Made me say AWWWW
  3. Made me happy

(This applies to all the drawings but Etaew said I could only pick a few)


Sorry, this time because the family had trouble, led me to submit the work too late. I extend my sincere apologies and greetings.anyway,thank Tali for your hard work for this game! (Though I do not know you because I have not interacted with players in ot

pokemon008 (PC) 1 month ago


This made me laugh so hard when I saw it, the amount of details and my face loving the cookies, this is just perfect!!!

I hope you have a good time !! (*>∀<*)

mau5head (PC) 1 month ago


I loved how this one had a big gunslinger holding my tiny cute chloro and shadow hunter. Also loved the heart flag!

this time i did something diffrent :) i used water colors hope you like

UziEl (PC) 1 month ago


This is just amazing, looks a lot like my picture, the flowers around it made it even better, great job!

No description entered

xXDonDonXx (PC) 1 month ago


I love this one. It mixed my real face with my shadow hunter appearance, plus that cute owl! Also when I was a kid I had red boots that I would wear all the time so this reminded me of it and made my heart melt a little.

Last 1 hour, straight from nothing, it turn to be a mesh...

MrWhoever (PC) 1 month ago


This one made my heart jump!!! I'm Brazilian and I love my country so much, so mixing my face with the colors of our flag also reminding me of the brazilian wings we have in game that are so special to me, thanks for this!

Additional Highlights

So Etaew said I could give my tokens to some more drawings I picked, I only have 3 tokens but I'm giving one token to each of the following:

Happy Birthday, Tali! :3

Quinnce (PC) 1 month ago


It looks SOOOO cute!

Tried my best to make a indian theme fan art.

Erneix (PC) 1 month ago


Amazing art and I love the colors and everything about it!

This picture is dedicated to Tali for the Community Draws Tali Contest. Thank You.

SandwichFaker (PC) 2 months ago


The details in this made me so happy, the background, the icons for all my classes that were in references and the sign saying "Tali friend of many" thank you so much xD

Community Draws Tali

UziEl (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

MrWhoever (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Quinnce (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,#Shadow Hunter,

Rinaly (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Nanase_Yoshi (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Hinku (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

FlooFlop (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

snakofb829 (PS4/EU)

#Community Draws Tali,

Jovan4025 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

IIDipperII (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

ZeeNon (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Illustrado (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Milu_ (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Xx420cloudxX (PS4/NA)

#Community Draws Tali,

Erneix (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

HabaHaba (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Chrilto (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Nek00 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

cerkaz (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

CDM135 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Folgner (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

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