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Posted October 17, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 643 times.

Thanks for taking part in our Doctober art contest to highlight Extra Life. Our guest judges this contest are MagicMate (PC) and SkyTheVirus (PC) .



  1. Cartoony art style. (I admire both realistic and cartoony styles but I think the latter is more fitting to Trove.)
  2. Creativity within the theme. (Sure, I adore Doctor Qubesly and he is the "mascot" of Doctober but he's not the only who can heal, right?)
  3. Humour! And cheer! And fun! :) (I guess this doesn't need explaining.)

"-and don't rush into the dungeon!"

Pasteis (PC) 2 months ago


I liked the atmosphere of the scene. We're in an infirmary but there's no sign of the incomfortable feel of hospitals. The small details (the li'l plushie and the dragon handing the potion) and the colors make it a friendly place. The characters look really nice. I also liked the way the medical treatment theme is tied to the Trove universe. (Can confirm, U9 is a baaad place.) Well done! =)

i had no idea what to put for the title lol

Subject427 (Code_5) (PC) 1 month ago


The environment is interesting here, despite the location, it gives a soothing and intimate feeling (I found the staff's usage as a light source really creative). Also the characters caught my eyes, they are funny and adorable. It was nice to see the Chloromancer get featured in the doctor/nurse role. I liked the small additions here (the Chloro's bag and the li'l butterfly for example), too. Great job! :)



  1. fits the overall theme and includes dr. Qubesly or anything relating to healing and helping the sick/injured.
  2. uniqueness and ambition (does this piece stand out above the rest?)
  3. artistic quality and overall style

Across the world ! ! (≧∇≦)b

mau5head (PC) 1 month ago


"I love the many situations the artist created to give some love with the various mounts. They're all quite derby which gives it that nice fun loving side of Dr. Qubesly. Quality is clean and color choices are great. All of them look great but if I can to choose my favorite, it would have to be the manta ray."

Dr. Qubesly is proudly presenting his latest invention. This nectar of gods lets you cheat death... for a number of times. Well, you can always get more death-defying vials from good Dr. Qubesly.

dustystorm (PC) 1 month ago


"I picked this one for its ambition to create a real lifelike 3-D rendering of qubesly. This one is really different from all the other rendering art I've seen from this website. I understand fully that creating these things take a lot of time and effort from creating smooth polygons, UV mapping and perfectly texturing the surfaces of the object. I'm quite astonished with the quality of some of these textures such as the flask and Qubesly's eyes. This one gets a thumbs up for me!"


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