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Derpy Doodles - Results News

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Posted September 29, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 599 times.

Thanks for taking part in our derpy doodles contest, the judges this week are Pasteis (PC) and SkyTheVirus (PC) .

Reward Structure

  • All participants will receive 1x Reward Token, if they have made an appropriate effort (judged by Etaew (PC) )
  • The contest has run for 2 weeks, so 2 judges will choose 2 entries each to receive a further 2 Reward Tokens.

Pasteis' Judgement


  • Trove is age 10+ game, so entry has to be of equal ability
  • Coloured (personal preference)
  • Has it's own unique story
  • Obviously Trove related
  • is a ball of cuteness (added by Etaew)

Featuring: Mag Racer and Slow Sebastian!

CDM135 (PC) 3 months ago


Enough derpiness(no offense!), and it contains own funny story! Who doesn't like it anyways?

Yeah!! Free chicken! (◕▿◕✿)

mau5head (PC) 3 months ago


Short and simple lines, but that lines describe actual story! I like that cute dramatic story!

SkyTheVirus' Judgement


  • Is it derpy enough? (derpy = cute and some additional factors)
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? (uses the elements of design)
  • Does it tell a story or stand out above the rest? (let's give someone new a chance)

No description entered

pokemon008 (PC) 3 months ago


"Ah yes... the inevitable loading chunk. The bane of players with internet and lag issues, very relatable since I have to deal with those problems myself. As for this piece, I like the use of various thickness of illustration lines to give depth. The blur effect was used perfectly with action lines and shading to make the implied invisible wall noticeable. I love the modern comic style and the natural color choices. An awesome job to a new artist on the block, you deserved it!"

No description entered

FlooFlop (PC) 3 months ago


"I thoroughly enjoy this piece. The color choices give it that happy and innocent feeling to a mighty dragon. The background wasn't too overpowering and complimented the subject. The use of different shades of blue from the background and the glittering sparkles did catch my attention. The yellow glowing eyes and wings works and linework are pretty solid. The font used here also is perfect and compliments the curved/spiral designs of the Moonwing Dragon. I like how the dragon looks fairly chubby, which reminded me of the Pudgy Dragon Pup mount (This added to the cuteness factor) The tongue sticking out made me giggle with the wide eyes. Overall, a very cohesive piece worth receiving a prize."

Derpy Doodles

stopible (PC)

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Subj (PC)

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Aynat (PC)

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Ixion (PC)

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ZeeNon (PC)

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Erneix (PC)

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Matous (PC)

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Chrilto (PC)

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