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Avast ye Trovians! To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th we’re taking 50% off the Pirate Captain class and costumes all week!

Batten down the hatches and run a shot across the bow of your enemies with this scourge of the seven seas!

Fire off your main attack to send enemies to Davy Jones’ Locker! This also triggers doubloons that increase the damage of your turret while increasing energy regeneration.

First Mate
Your trusted first mate and seadog, who also happens to be a parrot, unleashes a turret cannon to shiver the timbers of all dastardly landlubbers who stand in your way. Picking up doubloons during combat will upgrade the power of your First Mate.

Pretend Pirate
A little misdirection never hurt anyone – except for literally everyone who falls for this booby-trapped buccaneer. Taunts enemies allowing you to shift the attack to their broadside with minimal risk to your booty.

Man o’ War
Your ultimate weapon is a powered up turret that lobs explosive shells at your enemies and sends them scurrying for the poop deck.

Whether walking the plank or singing a chantey good pirate captains always wants to look their best. All this week you’ll save 50% off all Pirate Captain costumes so you can do just that.

All hands on deck for these bargains because the savings will be feeding the fish after September 25th!

Parley with us on the Trove forums!

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