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Gameplay CommandsTop ^

  • /sit - Make your character sit
  • /loc - Display your current XZY location in chat
  • /who - List players who are in the same world as you
  • /getxp /xp - Display your current level and the amount of needed XP to level up
  • /say /s  - Send a message to nearby players that are within 35 blocks of range
  • /whisper /w /tell /t  - Send a private message to another player; user must be online to receive messages
  • /reply /r Message  - Send a reply to the last whisper you received
  • /friendlist - Opens yours friendlist (Pressing "O" also does this)
  • /ignore  - adds a player to your ignore list.
  • /join  - Join or create another chat channel
  • /leave  - Leave a chat channel
  • /store - Open the store window
  • /craftui - Open the crafting window
  • /respawn - Force your character to respawn
  • /showhat  - Toggles your hat model on and off; keeps stats active
  • /showface - Toggles your mask model on and off; keeps stats active
  • /quit /q - Force the game to quit immediately
  • /getworldid - Get the "worldID" for the world you are currently in
  • /joinworld {id} - Join the world with the specified ID. eg /joinworld 6629
  • /joinme  - sends a request to join your world
  • /pose - makes your character stand battle-ready
  • /tutorial - sends your character to the tutorial
  • /clearcornerstone - get rid of all of the clutter and get a new, shiny, blank cornerstone! (Note that all items, blocks, and everything else on your cornerstone will be permanently deleted and will not be refunded!)

ClubsTop ^

  • /club -  Lists all club commands 
  • /club Invite Username Clubname' - Invite a player to the club
  • /club list - Shows all current members of a club
  • /club leave Clubname' - Leave a club
  • /club promote Username' - Grant a player in your club higher rights
  • /club demote Username' - De-Rank a player in the club
  • /club kick Username' - Remove a player from the club
  • /club makeprimary - NA
  • /club disband - Disbands the club
  • /zonerestrict - restrict your current zone to member+, architect+, or officer+. Requires officer privileges to use

ScreenshotsTop ^

  • /hideplayer - Hides your character model
  • /showplayer - Shows your character model
  • /screenshot - Store a screenshot in your Trove folder; does not include UI
  • /large_screenshot - Store a 2x-sized screeshot to 4 files, each one is 1/4 of the screen. Add two parameters to save more tiles, i.e. /large_screenshot 3 3
  • /timelapse # - Captures screenshots over a period of time; uses  static camera angle from where the command is started; # is a number, minimum is 5 and default is 20
  • /showui 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off the UI; not recommended; use F7 instead

Meta ForgeTop ^

  • /mf - Brings you to the Meta Forge
  • /weaponpreview i or /wp  - lets you test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.
  • /hairpreview i - preview hair creations
  • /hatpreview i - preview hat creations
  • /facepreview i - preview face decoration creations
  • /decopreview i - preview cornerstone decoration creations
  • /load ii - load a blueprint.
  • /save ii - Save a blueprint. (You may also use /save after loading a blueprint to save over the last loaded blueprint)
  • /wadd iii # - Adds a prefab to your inventory. The # is optional and specifies amount to be added, the default is 1. These can be found in iv \Prefabs and its subfolders. 
  • /dungeon ii - to preview a dungeon fully assembled
  • /settime # - Set the time of day, or night. The maximum value is 24.
  • /timelapsedungeon ii - Show your dungeon being assembled for troubleshooting purposes.
  • /stoptimelapsedungeon - Cancel/Stop the /timelapsedungeon progression.
  • /floodfill - Replace all connected blocks of the type your cursor is over with the one of you have equipped (like the paint bucket in paint)


i Where is the name of your blueprint. eg. /wp mysuperawesomegun,

ii Where is the path to a blueprint file. eg. /load D:\Trove\DungeonRoom1,

iii Where is the relative path to a blueprint file eg. /wadd placeable\mechanical\track for iv \prefabs\placeable\mechanical\track.binfab

iv Where is the folder Trove is installed in.  To determine this location open Glyph, click Settings, and 

GraphicsTop ^

  • /drawdistance # - Change your render distance; ranges from 32 to 256; default is 128
  • /fxenable 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off a few special effects, including clouds
  • /msaa 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off MSAA (MultiSample Anti-Aliasing)
  • /postfxaa 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing)
  • /postbloom 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off Bloom
  • /postdof 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off Depth of Field
  • /postedge 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off the black borders; may not work properly
  • /postlensflare 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off Lens Flare
  • /shadercomplexity 0 or 1 - Toggle various shader effects; lower values will make it difficult to see in low light areas
  • /supersample 1, 0, or # - Set overall rendering strength; default is 1 (100%); 0 sets 50%, 4 sets 200%, 10 sets 300%
  • /vsync 1 or 0 - Toggle on/off Vsync

SoundTop ^

  • /mastervolume # - Set the game's main volume between 0 and 100; default is 25
  • /gamevolume # - Set the game's main volume between 0 and 100; default is unknown

Unusable CommandsTop ^

  • /teleport X Y Z - Teleportation but does not work for regular players 
  • /uiscale # - Increase/decrease size of UI; May not work properly


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I also just found out yesterday that there is alos




This will obviously make your character wave


I never knew doing /wave would make you wave.



i know, right. i was shocked to believe it too.