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Stachlicious Etaewfest - Results News

Posted September 14, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,182 times.

Thanks for taking part in our mustache appreciation celebration, here are the results.

Reward Structures

Please note we are trialing a new reward structure where we try to eliminate some of the negative competition elements of a contest.

  • All participants will receive 1x Reward Token if they have made an appropriate effort
  • The contest has run for 2 weeks, so 2 judges will choose 2 entries each to receive 2x Reward Tokens, with reasons attached

Etaew (PC) 's Highlights

Extra Tokens

Hello everyone !! (σ・ω・)σ

mau5head (PC) 1 month ago


I liked the group photo style of this one, clean characters and a derpy Qubesly at the bottom.

No description entered

Ktlavsko (PC) 1 month ago


I liked the clean style, and the extra thick mustache!

Special Mention

Very close entry, I want to make way for non regular winners, but still need to acknowledge the cuteness of this Etaew cosplay by Commander Vitus

No description entered

SkyTheVirus (PC) 2 months ago


Delicious (PC) ' Highlights

Extra Tokens

Draw-on-mustache by my dragon pub. :')

Sworro (PC) 1 month ago


This entry is very creative in its idea, by giving you the thought of your little pet dragon drawing an adorable mustache on you to make your day better! It reminds me of how a certain Stache-boss sends me equally adorable animal pictures every other day, proposing my future lifestyle as a home-zookeeper and making the blue days feel brighter.~ This entry is reminiscent and heartwarming, and deserves a great big hug of attention! Great work, Sworro! \o/

Get your free mustache here... :3

MrWhoever (PC) 1 month ago


This entry’s very creative and story filled! It hides a lot of references to the Trovesaurus Discord, featuring personal characters [such as Wyvern, Etaew and Vitus in the back] – including hidden friendships like the Daughter of the Moon and the Sun goddess chatting away together off to the right. It deepens the story line, especially depict MrWhoever’s theories of Trove Lore. Amazing work! ❤︎

Stachlicious Etaewfest

MrWhoever (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Gatoxita (XBOX)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Sworro (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

HarryResol (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Abacate22 (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Pasteis (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Nek00 (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Ixion (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Tyzillion (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

McStabbins (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

CDM135 (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

lhardy (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Sislisk (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

SkyTheVirus (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

cerkaz (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Ktlavsko (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,

Chrilto (PC)

#Stachlicious Etaewfest,


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