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September 12, 2017 | Etaew | 1,074

Trove Eclipse

The Gems in Trove help you reach higher Power Ranks and customize your characters to fit any situation!

Glossary of Terms

Current Value – The current stat value on your gem.
Stat Slot – Each stat on a gem is assigned to a specific slot (to a max of 3).
Stat Name – The stat assigned to a specific stat slot.
Value Range – Shows the minimum and maximum amount of a given stat possible on a gem.
Percent of Max. Value – This shows how close your Current Value is to the maximum.
Huge Boost – When gems hit levels 5, 10, & 15 they give a huge stat bonus to the Stat Slot where they are placed.

Gem Basics
Level 1 gems may have either 2 or 3 stats. Gems can be leveled up via the Gem tab of your Character sheet. Gems with two stats will gain a third when reaching level 5.

Gems with three stats will receive a huge boost to one of those stat slots at random when the gem reaches levels 5, 10, or 15.

It’s important to remember that it is the stat slot, and not the stat itself, that receives this huge boost (that’ll come up again later).

More info on obtaining and levelling up Gems via the Character Sheet can be found in the Guide to the Trove Gem System.

Gem Forging
We’ve created a basic guide to Gem Forging that you can find here, but we wanted to provide greater clarity on the nuts and bolts of the system. Gem Forging is most effective on high level gems and is good for turning powerful gems into something pretty close to perfect for your needs.

If you’ve already read the basic guide to the Gem Forge let’s dive in! Interact with the Gem Forge bench, select a gem to modify, and you’ll see a menu similar to this:

Gem Forge

Stat Reroll: The Motion Picture
On this menu you can either improve or reroll a stat. Rerolling allows you to modify any stat into another stat not already on the gem. We’ll have more info on this system at the end of this post.

Improving Stats
If you decide to improve a stat, you have three options (from left to right) – the first is a small boost, then a moderate improvement, and finally a bigger boost. Details on that are linked in the basic guide to the Gem Forge linked above.

Let’s take a closer look at what the various numbers on these gems represent (we’ll be referencing the Glossary of Terms for this section).

Physical Damage

On the left you see 3370 next to Physical Damage. This number is known as the Current Value. As you’d suspect, this gem is currently adding 3,370 Physical Damage to your character.

Next to that is 51%. This is the Percent of Max. Value. This indicates that this gem is currently giving roughly half of the maximum amount of Physical Damage possible. All Empowered Gems before Eclipse were at 51% of maximum power by default.

Finally, in that same Stat Slot you see 2427 – 4293. These numbers represent the Value Range on this gem. In the very worst case scenario, at creation, this gem could have granted 2,427 Physical Damage (PD). The best case scenario for this gem is to add 4,293 PD. That’s the number you’re building to when upgrading Physical Damage on this Stat Slot.

A Couple important notes:

  • Gems of the same rarity will start with the same Value Range but the Percent of Max. Value is set at random.
  • Stat Slots that have received huge boosts at levels 5, 10, and 15 have more variance on their Value Range.

Now let’s look at two specific gems so we can watch their progression. On the left are Gems A & B at level 1 and on the right are these same gems after reaching level 5.

Gem A Level 1

Gem A Level 5

Gem B Level 1

Gem B Level 5

In the above images, Gem A is at 97% of its maximum possible value for Magic Damage at level 1. After the huge stat boost that comes at level 5 it has dropped down to 62% of the maximum value.

However, you’ll notice that it’s increased the amount of Magic Damage (MD) provided from 3,681 up to 6,241. While the percent of max. value has dropped quite a bit the gem is actually providing a much bigger Magic Damage increase than before.

In addition, the Value Range has increased substantially with an old maximum value (at level 1) of 3,733 and a new max value (at level 5) of 7,676.

With Gem B the huge boost at level 5 was added to Stat Slot 3. In this case it’s boosting Critical Hit.

Again, the Percent of Max. Value has decreased, but the amount of Critical Hit granted by this gem has increased substantially.

When you upgrade gem stats via the Gem Forge there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Current Value (number on the left side of the Stat Slot) increases by a specific amount based on the rarity tier of the gem and which Builder’s Focus is used. This means if a stat has received one or more huge stat boosts from being leveled up to 5, 10, or 15 it will take more Builder’s Focus for that stat to reach its 100% of value.
  • Some rounding occurs while displaying these values, so the stats may appear to change by slightly more or slightly less on some upgrades. Don’t be alarmed – this will not affect the overall number of augments required to reach maximum.

Here is Gem A at level 5 after using a Superior Builder’s Focus to improve both Magic Damage and Critical Hit.

Gem A Level 5

Superior Builder’s Focus

Notice that Magic Damage increased by 233 (6.25% of the total) and Critical Hit increased by .35% (12.5% of the total) pushing the Percent of Max. Value closer to 100%.

Here is Gem B at level 5 after a Superior Builder’s Focus was used to upgrade Magic Damage and Critical Hit.

Gem B Level 5

Superior Builder’s Focus

Magic Damage increased by 233 (12.5% of the total). Critical Hit increased by .35% (6.25% of the total). While this upgrade definitely improved the amount of Critical Hit on this Stat Slot, it’s brought slot 2 up to 97% of the max value.

Rerolling Stats
The Gem Forge can do more than improve stats, it can also be used to change stats on gems. There are a few key things to note when rerolling gem stats:

  • A stat will never reroll the exact stat you’re trying to remove. However, a stat that adds a percentage of max health can be replaced with a set value of added health and vice versa.
  • A reroll will never add Health Regeneration and can be used to remove Health Regeneration from existing Gems.
  • Rerolling can be used to move more desirable stats into Stat Slots that received huge boosts when the gem leveled up.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep in mind that the huge boosts that come at levels 5, 10, and 15 are applied to the Stat Slot and not the stat itself. This is where we explain why.

Take another look at Gem A at level 5, this time we’ve using the reroll system to swap which Stat Slots are used for preferred stats. In this image we swapped Stat Slot 2 from Maximum Health to Critical Damage.

Gem A Superior Focus

Stat Slot 2 Rerolled

Once we swapped in Critical Damage we rerolled the Critical Hit and Magic Damage stats so that they would swap Stat Slots. Notice that the stats in both images are the same but their position has changed. Critical Hit is now in the slot 1 and Magic Damage is in slot 3.

Gem A Slot 2 Rerolled

Stat Slots 1& 3 Swapped

On this gem we’d used the gem levelling system (from the Character sheet) to reach level 5 thus triggering a huge boost to Slot 1. When we swapped the positions of our stats we changed which stat is receiving the benefit of that big boost. Instead of Magic Damage we’re giving that boost to Critical Hit. The Percent of Max. Value remained the same on each slot, but the Current Value and Value Range changed to reflect the stat receiving the benefit of the huge boost on Slot 1.

This is just an example of how the mechanics of the system works but you’ll want to find the best combo of stats for your classes and make Gem Forging work for you! We hope this guide will prove helpful for those of you looking to make the most of your gems.

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