Lunar Lancer Contest - Results

September 5, 2017 by Etaew

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Lunar Lancer Contest contest, here are the results. Thanks to [user=Delicious] who helped choose the winners in this round.

Special MentionTop ^

Lil Lunar lancer [redraw version]

Defender of the Eclipse


First PlaceTop ^

Receive 3x Reward Tokens

Lunar Lancer under a full moon by 12_666

Lunar Lancer

Demersal Marine


Fluffy Lancer Doll


Second PlaceTop ^

Receive 2x Reward Tokens

Chasing Butterflies

Walking lunar lancer - animation (click to watch)

Lunar Lancer


Lunar Lancer!

A Lunar Strife

Lunar Transfomation


Pray to the moon



Runners UpTop ^

Chosen at random, receive 1x Reward Token

JolloBoy2, nomnomsushi, FoX_Kiwiz, Chrilto, C_Crucify, Ender_140, Ktlavsko, snakofb829, Swegboss12, SkyTheVirus, [user=92609], [user=94603], nomnomsushi, [user=23825], [user=72608], [user=82876],



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