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Etaewfest Colouring News

Posted September 1, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,918 times.

Tags: Giveaway

Thanks to Trion who have created some awesome line art for my birthday, colour it in for a chance at some goodies.



  1. Task
  2. Rewards
  3. Dates



Only one entry per person please.

I may have to pause rewards if I run super low, we'll see.


  • Llama choices until September 7
  • Reward Tokens until October 1

Etaewfest Colouring

Happy Birthday! - MrRobbyJ

Happy Birthday ^^ - FieryReaven

Kami Etaew - Aynat

Etaewfest Colouring - Ixion

Etaewfest Colouring - ult1m - ult1m

Late :( - milupower

. Etaewfest Colouring - TwinBlades - TwinBlades

Happy B-day! - Aleco

Etaewfest Colouring - RavenDaBoss

Etaewfest Birthday! Happy b-day m9 - ChesneyHawkes

Yippee Ki-Yay! - FlooFlop


My Drawing - crazyviolina

Etaew colouring - Xx420cloudxX

Etaewfest Colouring :) - Sislisk

Mr. trovesaurus and his pet etaew - cerkaz

Happy Birthday Etaew! - Tyzillion

Etawefest Colouring - TyiLink

Happy Birthday Etaew! - Shreddah

They mean business- Etaewfest Colouring - BlazingKnight

Happy bday Etaew - SugoiTrash

Unnamed Art - TheShoelaceless

The squirt gun soldier- etaew - gryphon lord

Etaewfest Colouring - Dnsj

0% artist skill - golddiamond2541

Etaewfest Lineart - whiteBLACKnight

Etaew - MomoCow01

Etaew Rockin the Rabbid Dino - FiannaTiger

Surreal Birthday - DarkTechno

Happy Birthday Etaew - whoops

Etaewfest Colouring 1st attempt - Viaki

ETAEWFEST Colouring-PTHMDragon - PHTMDragon

Etaewfest Colouring :D - IIDipperII

Etaew - Ainogommon

ETAEWFEST Colouring - ToughTofu

Guns Blazing! - MissPixel

It's high noon - Lienert

Shoot em' Up - les4

Happy Birthday dude! - Rhewyn

Desert night - Keyser95

Etaew (Etaewfest Colouring) - Anis2206

Etaewfest Colouring application - oYNx_AdDiXiOnZxX

An Etaew - MrWhoever

Etaewfest Colouring nice rodrigow12 abacate22 - Abacate22

Etaewfest Colouring - LaLaDevilLuke

neon gunslinger - mrpopcorn855

Etaewfest colouring - winflag

Happy Birthday Etaew!!! - kingphilip10

Unnamed Art - Andopando

Pinata Gunner! - Alduin991

Candy Etaew - snakofb829

Etaew the Tamer - mhepz

Colouring! - Ciono

Happy B'day Etaew - Blue_Horizonss

Etaewfest Colouring - Vitor0307

Unnamed Art - Chrilto

Etaewfest Colouring - psychotherapist

Etaewfest Colouring - LordUrano

Birthday Contest - BodilyMonk


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