why is flux important

August 13, 2017 by Eloquentgnu36

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You need flux for forging and...

  • Flux is really important and in general the top selling requirement
  • you need flux for forging and leveling shadow equipment (and all other equipment); to forge is to level a peice of eqiupment up and that is to gain pr and extra strength
  • sell in the mp for most of your daily mounts and other stuff, so keep your flux and you can buy a GANDA!!
  • simply telling how good you are ingame (level and mastery also does this)
  • chaos forging your equipment which means turning your third and fourth stat into something else

now you know what it is for, go out and try to get flux for your needs

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Flux farming

Eloquentgnu36 August 13, 2017 4 5

Fast ways to farm flux. you will see fpu in a lot of ways; fpu means flux per unit; fs means flux solo


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