Gem Forging – Rerolling & Upgrading Gem Stats

August 4, 2017 | Etaew | 3,329

Gem Forging

The Eclipse hits Trove on August 22 and brings with it a powerful new tool in the fight against the forces of shadow – Gem Forging! See more on this week’s Gem Forging Preview livestream.

What is Gem Forging?

Gem Forging allows Trovians to do two extremely powerful things – increase the existing stats on gems as well as swap out stats that don’t work for a specific class.

Go to your Adventurer’s Crafting Bench and select the Gem tab to craft the materials listed below for rerolling and upgrading gem stats.

How can I reroll stats?

  1. Use the Gem Forge bench and select a gem.
  2. Select the stat you want to reroll
  3. Select the Reroll Stat option
    1. Rerolling requires a Contained Chaos Spark.
    2. The new stat will not be Health Regeneration and cannot reroll to the same stat selected.

How do I improve current stats?

  1. Use the Gem Forge bench and select a gem.
  2. Pick the stat you want to upgrade.
  3. There are 3 new items that can be used to improve a given stat:
    1. Builder’s Rough Focus – A small increase in the chosen stat.
    2. Builder’s Precise Focus – A good boost in the desired stat.
    3. Builder’s Superior Focus – A big boost of a specific stat.

Visit your Adventurer’s Crafting Bench to craft more Contained Chaos Sparks or Builder’s Focus.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring this highly anticipated system to Trovians everywhere with the coming of Eclipse!

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