Megalithic Build Contest - Results

August 2, 2017 | Evilagician | 911

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Megalithic Build contest, we have the results ready to share. Winners have been picked by Evilagician.

Gallery has been cleaned of non-topic submissions before selecting winners. 


Receive 3x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

Dino Anatomy

Megalithic Dinosaurs 

Megalithic Build


Receive 2x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

The ORIGINAL Dino Tamer *wink wink*

The world below 

Dino net


Runner ups

Receive 1x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

NIGHTSLAKER, monkDwiu, TROVE_HUINYA, matrix3000x, HenrichVonRotenberg, DiValldi, Soul_Wade, Firebattle, FieryReaven, Pullcritical, Symphoniae, cerkaz, Ixion, Batouro, Teodorp99


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