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Posted August 2, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 502 times.

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Megalithic Mod contest, we have the results ready to share. Winners have been picked by Evilagician (PC) .

Unfortunately, we weren't able to negotiate a new set of rewards in time for this contest results.

All participating mods can be viewed in the mod-pack. Original rewards have been adapted based on the number of people participating.


Receive 3x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.


Baby Triceratops

No description entered

SkyTheVirus (PC) 5 months ago (3)


Cretaceous clipper

No description entered

bobfishkins23 (PC) 5 months ago (3)


Receive 2x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.


Sabre-Toothed-Mammoth Duck

No description entered

BisquiteCat (PC) 5 months ago (1)

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Dino Hunter

Jurrassic Jungle Themed Shadow Hunter

Rosain (PC) 5 months ago (1)


Runners Up

Receive 1x Reward Tokens to spend in our Rewards Section.

Anibaal (PC) , BunnyCloud (PC), SkyRider3217 (PC) , Frost_king3 (PC) , Link291 (PC)

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