Tutorial Comic Contest - Results

July 24, 2017 | Etaew | 767

Our two week contest has ended, and we can announce the winners of the Tutorial comic contest. There may have been a miscommunication somewhere as a bunch of entries just re-used the assets of the inspiration images, when I was really looking for original art. So those that used an excessive amount of them are only eligible from the runners up rewards draws.

First Place

3 entries chosen by Trovesaurus receive 3x Reward Tokens.

How to ToW

Neon Ninja Shuriken Tutorial

Tutorial comic contest


Second Place

7 entries chosen by Trovesaurus receive 2x Reward Tokens.

Vendor Ships Tutorial

How to Place a Block

Fireclaw29121 - Quest Rewards


How to buy lure

Map tutorial

How to Flask


How to use the wings


Runners Up

Other entries chosen at random receive 1x Reward Token.

Profession - Ringcrafting

How to be better player

How to kill monsters in 3 star's dungeon


Like all clubs !

How to report a bug!


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