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Posted July 24, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 694 times.

Our two week contest has ended, and we can announce the winners of the Tutorial comic contest. There may have been a miscommunication somewhere as a bunch of entries just re-used the assets of the inspiration images, when I was really looking for original art. So those that used an excessive amount of them are only eligible from the runners up rewards draws.

First Place

3 entries chosen by Trovesaurus receive 3x Reward Tokens.

How to ToW

Neon Ninja Shuriken Tutorial

Tutorial comic contest


Second Place

7 entries chosen by Trovesaurus receive 2x Reward Tokens.

Vendor Ships Tutorial

How to Place a Block

Fireclaw29121 - Quest Rewards


How to buy lure

Map tutorial

How to Flask


How to use the wings


Runners Up

Other entries chosen at random receive 1x Reward Token.

Profession - Ringcrafting

How to be better player

How to kill monsters in 3 star's dungeon


Like all clubs !

How to report a bug!


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