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Modding with Prefabs/Binfabs Guides


Posted July 5, 2017 by SkyTheVirus (PC) and viewed 891 times.

If you're looking to mod an ally/mount rig that isn't available through normal means, try using prefabs!

We all know some of the hidden stuff that Trion wants to hide in the files, especially unique rigs for allies and mounts. What if I told you there is a way to still test out and mod these file? Yes, there is! Thanks to SkyRider3217 (PC) , she figured out how to use prefabs to replace hidden files into entities that you can see in-game. It's pretty easy to do!

Step 1: Extracting the file

Using Evilagician (PC) 's File Extraction Tutorial, be sure to extract the following folders:

  • prefabs\collections\pet
  • prefabs\collections\mount

Once you have that, go into the corresponding folder (pet=ally or mount) to find the file you want to mod. For this example, I'm using Quarble for this tutorial.

There should be two files for allies (a regular file + NPC file) and one file for mounts.

Copy those files and place them in a separate folder for your mod. (better to keep it in a prefab folder)

Step 2: File Replacement

Now... you need to find the file name for the ally/mount you want to replace. For instance, I want to replace Qubesly into Quarble

Now what you need to do is rename the Quarble Binfab into the Qubesly Binfab. (both the regular file and the NPC file. For mounts, it's just one file)

Once you renamed the file, place it in the override folder in the pet/mount folder:

  • prefabs\collections\pet\override
  • prefabs\collections\mount\override

If there isn't an override folder, make one!

Now, you can mod the new rig that you just replaced. Just be sure to mod that new rig instead of the model that you replaced on top of. (mod the Quarble, not Qubesly)

Also when you replace the ally/mount, look for where the original ally/mount was located, cause it does get renamed. (might not work when you search)

A quick reminder

What this does, it changes the ally/mount you want to replace into a new entity that you "modded" in. This will NOT affect stats, only the visual components. Here are some things to keep in mind when using Prefabs/Binfabs:

  • This technique is a bit buggy and sometimes the ally will revert back to its original state in certain points. It does get fixed if you change worlds.
  • Once the ally/mount is released into the game or obtainable in-game, you will see duplicates. This is if you are using rigs that you can't obtain on your own in-game (like packs and promo items)
  • For mounts try to replace flying mounts with another flying mount and vice versa. (ex1. like F4-S.T. Prototype Rocket into War Plane) Any unique abilities that mounts have do not transfer with prefabs (ex2. You can't change an Adult Dragon into a Legendary Dragon). What will happen, if you replace a regular mount into a flying mount, it doesn't properly fly. To any avail, mounts cannot be replaced into Ganda, the Sky Shepherd.

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