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June 16, 2017 | Etaew | 528

Thanks for your input to my request for tasks this month. I've gone through and replied to the ones that stood out, and here is a summary as well as the resulting task list and rewards.

Highlighted Issues

[Smaller more frequent contests]

- Each contest does take a significant amount of time to set up, as well as conclude. Outside of the monthly contests, we might not see anything smaller for a while.

[More modding contests]

- This is something I'd like to do

[Items should be given some descriptions]

- I agree that items should be given some base descriptions, we did initially approach the Trove wiki to see if they were interested but they prefered to focus efforts on their own platform. I've started to recruit some Trovesaurus community members to start entering some information and may plan a way for users to submit suggestions.

[Additional item viewer]

- Yeah I have noticed that Troxel can sometimes be unreliable, however due to the way the Trove files are stored (blueprints) I can't add a native render from existing solutions. There is a web viewer I have tested for QBCL files, but these require being converted first. We do try to make sure there are screenshots for all game items though.

[Redesigning the site]

This would take significant time and resources, for now unless you have some specific suggestions I will only make small adjustments as I see they are needed.

[Change the wallpaper]

You can already set your wallpaper preference in your profile.

[Contests directed at consoles]

Rewards that work on consoles will be released when Megalithic update arrives. Unfortuntely due to console contracts we can't offer any packs that are sold on consoles, for fairness it's possible we won't restock packs for PC.

[Login rewards]

Perhaps, but this isn't a high priority. I would need to run some numbers and figure out some appropriate safeguards for abuse.

[Set up a chat channel for advice]

Please use

[Music creation help]

We should look at guides or tools to help players.

[Tips section]

Please use, it's possible we might display a random tip at the bottom of every page.

[Hall of fame]

Agree, a way to view past contest winners and entries. Additionally tie winning badges to profiles.

[Social media]

I do need post more regularly there, it does take time to post in all places. A Steam group is a possibility.

[Contests for winners]

This isn't something I want to do, since it would split up our users and encourage elitism.

[See updated mods]

Yes, we should add a place to see a list of mods recently updated.


I would welcome specific suggestions relating to this, I set up some basic ones.

[Style Tagging]

These were user added, but it needed to be maintained. This might be a feature I remove alltogether.

[Change the login system]

Thanks for the request, but I don't plan to change the login system anytime soon. Mail works well for most people, and when you log in via mail from one location without logging out, it'll keep you logged in for a very long time.

[Home button to nav]

The logo is a home button

[Player badges displayed in comments]

I like this idea.

[Account linking]

Perhaps, but this would only display links on your profile.

[Login security for public machines]

This is a valid request for people who use shared machines, I may add a second link to click on the login email for the ability to log in temporarily.

[Custom languages]

You can add custom languages, just head to the site translation section and create your own language pack in your profile. If it gets enough users and is complete enough, contact me and I can add it to the drop-down.

[Website themes]

This won't be something I add, it's already a lot of work to maintain a single one.

[Pricing List]

This isn't something I plan to manually add, since it changes. There is an option on every item to set a market price.

[Trade section]

I don't really plan on doing this, unless there is a significant demand for it. Same as with a #trade chat on Trovesaurus Discord. I'm happy with the in-game marketplace.

[Collections section]

Yeah the collection pages do need to be standardised, I want to upgrade it to offer Icon view and List view options. As for Styles and Deco, these are different types, they aren't collections.

[Rewarding modders]

This is a tricky one, since it would require time investment on my part, as well as someone to judge mods to highlight. It might be something we do.

[Showcase clubs]

This is something I'd like to do, but needs someone to invest the time to do this.

[Creative writing contest]

Yeah, this is something I'd like to do. Would depend on topic and time requirements (reading would take a while so needs a voulenteer from the mod team).

[Birthday reminder]

I'm not sure I want to track this information from people, or how useful it would be.

[Club promotion and builds]

I'd like this, but it would require time and someone to be responsible for it. It would also require involvement by the clubs, which tends to be low recently.

[More build contests]

This is something I'd like to do, but would depend on finding time and someone to be responsible for it.

Task List


  • More modding contests
    • Megalithic contest is coming next month
  • Creative writing contest
  • More build contests
    • Megalithic contest is coming next month


  • Items should be given some descriptions
  • Additional item viewer
  • Login rewards
  • Music creation help
  • Hall of fame
    • Highlight previous contest winners
  • Social media
    • Improve presence
  • See updated mods
  • Player badges displayed in comments
  • Link account to other platforms
    • Would only show a link in profile page
  • Login security for public machines 
    • Second link in login email for temporary login
  • Collections section
    • Standardise and offer Icon view / List view

Requires Staff

  • Highlighting and rewarding modders
    • Requires a Mod Manager
  • Highlighting and rewarding clubs
    • Requires a Club Manager


Random Rewards

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